What ad formats do we have?

Advertisement on Ratemeup



Website background with your advertisement. Available in both mobile and desktop versions. Provides extensive ad coverage and generates many clicks. Visible on all pages of the website. 


This banner appears on all pages of the website before the content. Available in both mobile and desktop versions. Based on our experience, it receives good click-through rates from readers.

Sidebar banner 

The sidebar banner is only available in the desktop version. However, it’s the most prominent placement, always remaining on-screen during scrolling and appearing on all pages.

Bottom banner

The bottom banner appears on all pages in both the mobile and desktop versions. It appears after the content, visible to the most loyal readers who read through to the end.


We will post a review of an affiliate program/service on the website and provide a post with a link to it on social media platforms (Telegram, Facebook, Instagram). Or it may be an article with your expertise. 

We will create a blog for your company on our website. We will coordinate with you on the topics and write unique content for this blog based on your expertise.


We attend the major international events in the field of affiliate marketing and film videos about these conferences for YouTube. Become the hero of such a video! We’ll interview your expert or make you a sponsor of the video.

To inquire about advertising rates, please reach out to us via email at [email protected]. We look forward to discussing the details with you!

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