Frequency of paymentsWeekly
Minimum payment100$
Types of commissionsCPA, CPL

Highlighted Special Features of LosPollos include a diverse network with over 1,000 advertisers. The program provides an open TOP countries list, offering insights into trends and eCPM (effective cost per mille).

In terms of payouts, LosPollos maintains a minimum payout threshold of $100. The program adopts a weekly payment schedule, with payments processed on Tuesdays for the previous week. The accounting period for payments spans from Monday to Sunday, providing affiliates with a clear and consistent payment structure.

LosPollos’ competitive commission structures enhance the program’s appeal, offering affiliates the potential to earn substantial commissions for each successful referral. This creates a compelling financial incentive for affiliates to actively endorse and promote LosPollos. The program ensures transparency through tracking mechanisms, providing affiliates with valuable insights into their performance. This transparency facilitates strategic refinements for achieving optimal results.

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