Payment frequencyDaily on request
Types of commissionsCPA, CPL, CRG
Minimal payment100$ offers a range of special features to enhance the affiliate experience, including coverage in over 100 GEOs, a SmartLink for optimized traffic management, exclusive promotional products, and the potential for increased rates, reaching up to $1,100 for high-quality traffic. Trusted partners also benefit from access to current assets.

In terms of payouts, follows a structured schedule. Beginners receive payments twice a month, while trusted partners enjoy weekly payouts. The minimum payout threshold is set at $100, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for affiliates at various levels of engagement.

The appealing commission structures presented by contribute to the platform’s attractiveness for affiliates. Generous payouts and dependable payment terms create an environment where affiliates can earn significant rewards, cultivating a mutually beneficial and lucrative partnership with

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