M1 Shop

Minimum payments10$
Referral payments5%

M1 Shop provides a rich knowledge base comprising articles, case studies, and video tips on traffic arbitrage and marketing. The platform operates in GEOs such as Russia, the CIS, and non-CIS markets, offering regular original offers. Additionally, M1 Shop boasts an in-house call center to further support affiliates. Various tools, including statistics, analytics, and a landing page downloader, are available to enhance the affiliate’s experience.

In terms of payouts, M1 Shop maintains a minimum withdrawal amount of 10$, ensuring accessibility. Payouts are processed with a delay of within seven days from the payment order date, aligning with the platform’s commitment to timely and reliable financial transactions. This comprehensive combination of features makes partnering with M1 Shop a mutually beneficial and lucrative opportunity for affiliates.

M1 Shop stands out prominently with its steadfast commitment to innovation in the affiliate marketing domain, a feature highlighted on both platforms. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and creative strategies, the platform optimizes campaigns, ensuring affiliates have access to advanced tools that elevate their promotional efforts and drive optimal results.

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