Cookie duration30 days
Comission rate$35

FanDuel provides a compelling opportunity for affiliate marketers venturing into sports betting affiliate programs. Recognized for excellence, diverse betting options, and attractive affiliate commission structures, FanDuel stands as a premier choice in the sports betting niche.

FanDuel’s competitive commission rates significantly contribute to its appeal for affiliates. With a tiered commission structure, the platform incentivizes affiliates to drive quality traffic and rewards their performance with attractive commission rates. This not only ensures fair compensation for affiliates but also fosters long-term partnerships between affiliates and FanDuel. The commission rate is up to $35/35% rev share, EPC is to be confirmed, and the cookie duration is 30 days.

A notable benefit is FanDuel’s commitment to furnishing affiliates with a robust set of promotional materials. The platform equips marketers with various creative assets, including banners, widgets, and exclusive promotions, empowering affiliates to effectively market the platform’s offerings and engage their audiences.

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