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Mondiad is an innovative, self-serve ad network serving top-performing ad formats and unique, lucrative perks. Providing traffic for all countries, devices, and verticals, Mondiad supports classic push, in-page push, native, and banner ads, via CPM, CPC, and TargetCPA(automated bidding) models.

With an impressive inventory of over 10 billion impressions and 40 million clicks daily, it accommodates every business, whether you’re an agency, advertiser, affiliate, or webmaster.

Starting with just a $50 minimum deposit, you have full complete control over your campaigns and access to a wide array of optimization tools to fine-tune your campaigns, including smart optimisation rules, Blacklist/Whitelist targeting, custom bidding (by soneID, subID, country), campaign audiences, a built-in event tracker, conversion goals, and many more to discover.

Get your campaigns up and running in a matter of minutes into one of the most technologically advanced ad networks, designed to skyrocket the ROI of your advertising campaigns.

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