Cracking the Code: The Ultimate Guide How to Get More Views on YouTube

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YouTube reaches over 100 countries and supports 80 languages, connecting creators and viewers from almost every corner of the globe. Its global impact is truly remarkable, but standing out in this crowded space can be challenging.

This detailed guide provides you with effective strategies and practical tips to boost your view count and drive your channel toward success.

tips for starting a successful YouTube channel
YouTube has over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, it is one of the most visited websites globally, only second to Google. Pixabay

Unlocking Your Audience: The Secret Weapon

Know Your Tribe

Understanding your YouTube audience is the secret ingredient for skyrocketing your channel’s success. Creating content that truly connects with your viewers can turn casual followers into dedicated fans: that’s the main insight on how to start a successful YouTube channel.

  • Engaged viewers are more likely to comment, like, and subscribe, pushing your videos higher in YouTube’s algorithm.
  • Content that appeals to your audience helps in nurturing a loyal community. These fans will keep coming back and even spread the word about your channel.

YouTube Analytics Power

Understanding your YouTube audience isn’t just about knowing who they are: it’s about grasping what they want and how they interact with your content. By focusing on key metrics you can tailor your content strategy to meet your viewers’ needs, driving your channel to new heights. Tips for new YouTubers:

  • Demographics: Knowing the age, gender, location, and language of your audience helps you create content that feels personal and relevant.
  • Interests: Understanding what topics captivate your viewers helps you plan content that keeps them hooked. This can be seen in your most viewed and engaged videos, along with feedback from comments.
  • Watch time: This tells you how long viewers stick around. Longer watch times mean your content is keeping them engaged.
  • Audience retention: This metric shows how well your video holds viewers’ attention from start to finish. High retention rates indicate your content is consistently valuable.
  • Engagement rates: Likes, comments, and shares reveal how actively your audience interacts with your content. High engagement rates often mean a more dedicated audience.
  • Traffic sources: Knowing where your viewers are coming from (YouTube search, suggested videos, external websites) helps you optimize your content and promotional strategies.
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Understanding your viewers helps to grow your YouTube channel fast, whether it’s promoting videos, collaborating with others, or running ads. Pixabay

Dig Deeper

  • Instead of just skimming through your watch time data, dive deeper to uncover patterns. 3 steps to change how you look for trends in your audience’s viewing habits:

1. Break down your watch time data by video or content type. Identify which videos have the highest watch times and analyze what elements keep viewers engaged.

2. Identify the points in your videos where viewers drop off and where they are most engaged. Adjust your content accordingly to maintain interest throughout.

3. Compare watch time metrics across different time periods to spot trends. Are there specific days or times when your audience watches more? Use this data to optimize your upload schedule.

  • Knowing where your audience is located can help you tailor content to better suit their interests and time zones. 3 examples:

1. Explore the Geography report to see where your viewers are located. Are there unexpected regions with high engagement? Consider creating content tailored to these audiences.

2. Use location data to adapt your language and cultural references in your videos. Acknowledging your diverse audience can enhance connection and engagement.

3. If you have a significant audience in a specific region, consider planning live events or collaborations with local creators to further engage with your community.

  • Understanding when your audience is most active can help you optimize your content release schedule and promotion efforts. 3 best practices:

1. Identify the sources driving traffic to your videos and when they are most active. Optimize your promotional activities around these peak periods.

2. Keep an eye on real-time analytics to identify peak activity periods. Consider scheduling important announcements or premieres during these times to maximize engagement.

3. Test different upload times and days of the week to see when your audience is most active. Use this data to refine your content release schedule for maximum impact.

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By delving into YouTube Analytics with a strategic mindset, you can uncover valuable insights about your audience’s behavior, location, and activity periods. Freepik

Conquering the Algorithm: Mastering the Art of Posting

Global Reach vs. Local Focus

Let’s explore the intriguing dilemma: Should you target a worldwide audience or cater to specific time zones based on viewer location?

Targeting a worldwide audience:

+ Maximize reach: Targeting a worldwide audience means your content is accessible to viewers from all corners of the globe, maximizing your potential reach.

+ 24/7 visibility: Your videos are available for viewing 24/7, allowing you to capture viewers regardless of their time zone or location.

+ Cultural diversity: You can attract a diverse audience with different cultural backgrounds, potentially leading to broader appeal and engagement.

+ Increased Opportunities: More viewers mean more opportunities for growth, collaboration, and monetization.

 – Time zone challenges: Viewers in different time zones may have different peak activity periods, making it challenging to optimize your upload schedule for maximum engagement.

 – Content relevance: Creating content that resonates with a worldwide audience can be challenging, as cultural references and preferences vary widely.

– Viewer disconnection: Some viewers may feel disconnected if the content is not tailored to their specific region or time zone, leading to lower engagement and loyalty.

Catering to specific time zones:

+ Optimized engagement: By targeting specific time zones, you can ensure your content is released when your audience is most active, maximizing engagement and interaction.

+ Personalization: Tailoring content to specific regions allows for more personalized and relevant experiences, fostering stronger connections with viewers.

+ Community building: Focusing on specific time zones can help build a stronger sense of community among viewers in those regions, encouraging interaction and participation.

+ Cultural relevance: Content can be tailored to match cultural events, holidays, or specific preferences of viewers in targeted regions, increasing relatability and resonance.

 – Limited reach: Targeting specific time zones may limit your reach compared to a worldwide approach, potentially missing out on viewers from other regions.

 – Scheduling challenges: Managing multiple upload schedules for different time zones can be complex and time-consuming.

– Missed opportunities: Releasing content during specific time zones may mean missing out on viewers from other regions who could still be interested in your content.

Striking the right balance between targeting a worldwide audience and catering to specific time zones is crucial for channel growth. How to find your balance:

  • Test different strategies to find what works best for your channel. Experiment with upload times and observe audience engagement metrics.
  • Use YouTube Analytics to understand where your audience is located and when they are most active.
  • Be flexible and adaptive in your approach. Consider tailoring content for specific regions while still maintaining broad appeal. 
  • Ultimately, prioritize engagement and connection with your audience, regardless of their location or time zone.

In conclusion, the trade-off between targeting a worldwide audience and specific time zones is a nuanced decision. It requires balancing reach, engagement, cultural relevance, and practical considerations to ensure your content resonates with viewers wherever they are in the world.

Understanding when your audience is most active on YouTube is like having a secret weapon: you can ensure your content hits the right spot at the right time, grabbing attention and engaging viewers worldwide. Freepik

Research is Key

Let’s dive into the findings from studies on peak YouTube viewing hours worldwide, shedding light on when audiences are most active:

  • Morning rush: Just like people grabbing their coffee, YouTube views peak in the morning. Research suggests that YouTube views soar in the morning across various regions, especially on weekdays. It’s like the prime time for video consumption when people are gearing up for the day, seeking entertainment or learning.
  • After work wind-down: When the day winds down, so do people with YouTube. Evenings emerge as another hotspot for YouTube, particularly on weekdays. It’s like the happy hour for content consumption after a long day.
  • Weekend vibes: Weekends are like a YouTube festival: weekends witness a surge in YouTube activity globally, with viewers spending more time on the platform compared to weekdays. More people spend time on YouTube on Saturdays and Sundays, especially in the mornings and afternoons. It’s like everyone’s gathering for a virtual weekend hangout.
  • Different strokes for different folks: YouTube habits vary from place to place. Some countries have their peak YouTube time during lunch breaks, while others prefer late-night binging sessions.
  • Mobile vs. Desktop duel: Mobile viewing is like the on-the-go snack of YouTube, whereas desktop viewing is like the main course. Studies show that mobile viewing peaks during commuting hours or downtime, whereas desktop usage is more common during working hours. 
  • Device dictates: Whether it’s on smart TVs, phones, or gaming consoles, device preferences affect when people tune in. Smart TVs and consoles rule the evenings and weekends, shaping viewing patterns.

Experimentation is Your Ally

Always use different out-of-the-box strategies to elevate your YouTube game and captivate your audience:

  • Dive into daring challenges straight out of a blockbuster movie script: whether it’s «30 days without chocolate: The Epic Quest» or «Creating a video in just 1 hour: The Race Against Time» ignite curiosity and keep viewers on the edge of their seats for the results.
  • Craft videos where viewers become active participants, like heroes in an interactive movie. Let them choose their fate with polls, voting, or brain-teasing puzzles. It’s like inviting them on an adventure where their decisions shape the storyline.
  • Join forces with other channels for epic quests and new collaborations. It’s like assembling the Avengers to tackle a common foe, attracting fans from different realms to unite under your banner.
  • Step into different cinematic genres with your content – vlogs, reviews, life hacks, gaming, or time-lapse montages. It’s like having a movie marathon where every viewer finds something to love.
  • Keep your radar tuned to trending topics like a savvy detective tracking down clues. Create content that’s hot off the press, ensuring your videos show up in search results and recommendations.
  • Work your magic on video titles and thumbnails to make them irresistible, just like a movie poster that draws viewers into the theater. Occasionally, a small change can elevate your video to blockbuster status with viewers.
  • Imagine your YouTube channel as a surfer riding the waves of trends and challenges. By staying up-to-date and engaging with popular topics, you can maintain the momentum of your channel and bring in new viewers who are interested in what you have to offer.
  • Don’t forget to use the movie hooks in your editing, for example in engaging YouTube video intros and outros. Easter eggs and clever quotes can be your secret helpers.
how to make a video on youtube
Remember, just like in the movies, success on YouTube comes from daring adventures, creative storytelling, and keeping your audience engaged at every turn. Freepik

Beyond the Clock: Optimizing for YouTube Success

Content is the Heart

Imagine your YouTube channel as a conversation with your audience. Just like in real life, if you want people to listen and respond, you need to speak in a way that interests them. 5 steps to do it:

  1. High-quality content grabs people’s interest. It’s like a captivating story or an exciting movie trailer that makes viewers stop scrolling and pay attention.
  2. Engaging content keeps viewers hooked. It’s like a gripping TV show that you can’t stop binge-watching because you want to know what happens next.
  3. When your content resonates with your audience, they feel understood and valued. It’s like talking to a friend who gets you. This builds trust and keeps them coming back for more.
  4. Creating content that your target audience loves helps you attract more like-minded viewers. It’s like throwing a party where friends invite their friends, and the guest list keeps growing.
  5. In a sea of videos, high-quality, engaging content sets you apart. It’s like being the brightest star in the sky – you’re impossible to miss.

So, focus on creating content that speaks directly to your audience’s interests, problems, and desires. When you do that, you’ll build a community of loyal fans who can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.

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By integrating strategic keywords into your titles, descriptions, and tags, you can enhance your video’s visibility and attract more viewers interested in what you have to offer. Pixabay

SEO for YouTube

Imagine keywords as the secret codes that unlock hidden content on YouTube. By strategically weaving these codes into your titles, descriptions, and tags, you’re paving a special path for viewers to discover your videos.

  • Relevant keywords act as signposts, directing viewers straight to your content in the vast realm of YouTube. It’s about ensuring your content is easily discoverable amid the sea of videos.
  • Strategic keywords draw in viewers who are already interested in your content. It’s about capturing the attention of those who share your interests and passions.
  • When your title and thumbnail feature the right keywords, viewers are compelled to click and explore further. It’s about creating intrigue that encourages viewers to dive into your content.
  • Consistently using strategic keywords helps improve your video’s position in YouTube search results. It’s about steadily climbing towards the top spot over time.

How to use keywords effectively:

  • Titles: Start your video title with the main keyword or phrase. Keep it brief and descriptive. For instance, if your video is about meditation techniques, your title could be «Mindful Meditation: 5 Essential Techniques for Beginners».
  • Descriptions: Craft a detailed video description that naturally incorporates relevant keywords. Provide additional context about your video in complete sentences. Also, remember to include links to your website or social media channels.
  • Tags: Include descriptive tags that accurately represent your video’s content. Use variations of your main keyword and related terms. For instance, if your video is about healthy smoothie recipes, your tags could include «healthy smoothies», «smoothie recipes», «how to make smoothies» and so on.

Thumbnail Magic

Thumbnails are your video’s first handshake with viewers, and they hold the key to capturing attention and drawing in your audience. Here’s why they’re crucial and how to make them truly stand out in 5 steps:

  1. You need to grab viewer attention in seconds so your magnetic thumbnail should stand out in the crowd of videos. Try drawing the eye with vibrant colors, sharp imagery, and bold text.
  2. Your thumbnail should reflect content while giving a glimpse of what your video is about. Make sure it accurately represents the main topic or theme to set clear expectations.
  3. An intriguing thumbnail prompts viewers to click. Aim for thumbnails that spark curiosity or promise value to the viewer.
  4. Experiment with design tools like Canva or Adobe Spark to craft captivating thumbnails effortlessly. Try out different layouts, fonts, and colors to find your channel’s signature style.
  5. Tap into free resources online to design your thumbnails. These platforms offer customizable templates and design elements to help you create polished thumbnails without spending a dime: Snappa, Crello, Pixlr, Fotor.

Calls to Action

Test out different CTAs, play around with wording, placement, and incentives, and keep a close eye on analytics. Learn what makes your audience tick and watch your channel trending.

  • Get straight to the point and tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do. Whether it’s hitting that subscribe button, smashing the like, dropping a comment, or checking out your website, clarity is key.
  • Strategically sprinkle your calls to action throughout your video, hitting high-engagement moments. Whether it’s sparking action right from the get-go, timing it just right during pivotal scenes, or wrapping up with a strong finish, choose your spots wisely.
  • It’s time to get creative with visuals: eye-catching graphics, snazzy annotations, or text overlays that demand attention. 
  • Keep your call to action crystal clear and straight to the point. Avoid getting lost in translation with confusing jargon or ambiguous requests. Keep it simple and watch those clicks roll in.
  • Sweeten the Deal: offer exclusive content, juicy giveaways, or discounts and get those viewers clicking, commenting, and subscribing.
  • Foster a tight-knit community by engaging with your audience. Get the conversation rolling by responding to comments, asking questions, or inviting viewers to share their thoughts to turn those viewers into loyal fans.
  • Make the most of end screens and cards to add clickable magic to your videos. Direct your audience to more of your awesome content or lead them down the rabbit hole to your website.
how to get subscribers on youtube
CTAs steer your viewers towards deeper engagement with your content, fostering growth, and building a loyal community around your channel. Freepik

Consistency is Key

Imagine waiting eagerly for a new episode of your favorite TV show every week. This sense of anticipation is what keeps you hooked, and the same principle applies to YouTube. So maintaining a consistent posting schedule is crucial:

  • Building trust and reliability: 

Regular posts show your audience you’re dependable, fostering a stronger connection.

  • Creating anticipation:

Consistent schedules keep viewers excited for new uploads, boosting engagement and loyalty.

  • Boosting channel growth:

Frequent uploads improve visibility and rankings in YouTube’s algorithm.

  • Forming a habit:

Regular posts become part of your audience’s routine, making them more likely to watch your content.

  • Improving engagement:

Consistency encourages repeat visits, leading to more interaction and shares.

4 tips for maintaining consistency:

  1. Create a content calendar to schedule videos in advance.
  2. Film and edit multiple videos at once.
  3. Choose a frequency you can maintain.
  4. Inform viewers of your posting schedule.

The most common mistake beginners on YouTube make is having unrealistic expectations. Expecting immediate success can lead to frustration. Building a successful channel takes time, patience, and consistent effort. Your best tactic is to experiment, test, and then try again.

Climbing YouTube’s Recommendation Ladder


YouTube’s recommendation algorithms are powered by a blend of user preferences, behaviors, and interactions with content, all aimed at suggesting the most relevant and captivating videos to viewers.

To earn a spot in YouTube’s recommendations, videos must captivate audiences and drive engagement. Key factors include:

  • Audience engagement: The more viewers watch, like, comment, and subscribe after viewing your video, the more likely YouTube is to promote it to others.
  • Watch time: YouTube values videos that keep viewers hooked for longer durations, signaling engaging content that holds audience’s attention.
  • Relevance: Your video should resonate with your target audience’s interests and preferences. The closer your content aligns with what viewers are searching for, the better its chances of getting recommended.


Ethical strategies to boost visibility involve creating top-notch content, optimizing titles, descriptions, and tags, and genuinely interacting with your audience through comments and community engagement.

Conversely, resorting to unethical tactics like clickbait, misleading metadata, or artificially inflating engagement stats can damage your channel’s credibility. Such practices risk penalties from YouTube’s algorithms, ultimately diminishing your visibility. Here are some common dishonest practices:

  • Clickbait: Tempting viewers with misleading titles, thumbnails, or descriptions that don’t deliver the promised content, exploiting curiosity for clicks.
  • Sub4Sub and view exchange: Participating in schemes where channels subscribe to each other or exchange views to artificially inflate subscriber and view counts.
  • Misleading metadata: Manipulating video tags, descriptions, or titles with irrelevant keywords to attract views from unrelated searches, misleading viewers, and YouTube’s algorithm.
  • Buying engagement: Purchasing views, likes, or comments from third-party services to fabricate popularity and engagement metrics artificially.
  • Comment spamming: Overloading videos or channels with irrelevant or repetitive comments solely to boost visibility or disrupt genuine interactions.
  • Content duplication: Re-uploading others’ content or duplicating your own across multiple channels without adding value, which undermines originality and viewer trust.
  • Engagement manipulation: Using automated tools to inflate likes, dislikes, comments, or view counts, violating YouTube’s terms of service and skewing genuine audience interaction.

These practices compromise YouTube’s recommendation system, harming both the creator’s and the user’s experience. YouTube employs advanced algorithms and human reviewers to detect and penalize such activities, underscoring the importance of ethical content promotion and genuine audience engagement strategies.

Unethical tactics on YouTube can result in severe penalties, like channel suspension or reduced search visibility Freepik


In addition to the previously mentioned dishonest practices, creators on YouTube may face penalties for various other reasons:

  1. Copyright infringement: Posting content that violates copyright laws by using copyrighted music, videos, or images without proper authorization.
  2. Community guidelines violations: Publishing content that breaches YouTube’s community standards, such as hate speech, harassment, violence, nudity, or harmful material.
  3. Monetization issues: Violating YouTube’s monetization policies through fraudulent ad clicks, misleading ad placements, or promoting restricted content categories.
  4. Data privacy violations: Mishandling personal information or disregarding user privacy rights, such as sharing private data without consent.
  5. Spam and scams: Engaging in spamming tactics, phishing schemes, or promoting deceptive practices that manipulate viewer engagement metrics.
  6. Impersonation: Creating channels or content that impersonate others in a misleading or deceptive manner.
  7. Misleading content: Sharing misinformation, false claims, or deceptive content that misleads viewers or undermines public trust.

YouTube employs both automated tools and human reviewers to detect policy violations. Penalties are based on the seriousness and recurrence of the violation. 


Here are the consequences creators may face on YouTube and the reasons behind them:

  • Warnings and video removal: YouTube issues warnings or removes videos for copyright violations, breaching community guidelines, or containing prohibited content.
  • Channel suspension: Repeated offenses or serious breaches may result in temporary or permanent suspension of a channel, impacting content creation and management.
  • Demonetization: Violations of monetization policies, such as click fraud or misleading ad placement, can lead to ads being disabled on videos, affecting revenue streams.
  • Feature restrictions: Channels might experience limitations on features like video uploads, live streaming, or viewer interaction due to policy violations.
  • Account-level penalties: Severe violations may lead to a complete Google account suspension, resulting in loss of access to YouTube and other Google services.

Adhering strictly to YouTube’s guidelines and policies is essential for maintaining a positive presence on the platform and avoiding penalties.


Maximizing your channel views hinges on several key factors: understanding your audience, regular posting, high-quality, engaging videos, and interacting with viewers. 

However the YouTube algorithm is constantly evolving, so continuous optimization is essential. Regularly experiment with different strategies, track your results using YouTube Analytics, and adapt based on what works best for your channel. Success on YouTube requires patience and persistence. Long-term growth is achieved through consistent effort and a willingness to learn and adapt.

 Implement these strategies to enhance your channel’s performance. Experiment, track your progress, and refine your approach for sustained success on YouTube. You can also read about YouTube Shorts strategy.

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