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paddy power affiliate rating


PaddyPower presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers diving into sports betting affiliate programs. Renowned for innovation, a diverse range of betting markets, and attractive commission structures, Paddy Power stands out as a premier choice in the sports betting niche.

8/10 ⭐


FanDuel provides a compelling opportunity for affiliate marketers venturing into sports betting affiliate programs. Recognized for excellence, diverse betting options, and attractive affiliate commission structures, FanDuel stands as a premier choice in the sports betting niche.

8/10 ⭐

Betting Gods

Betting Gods stands out as a premier choice for affiliates navigating the competitive sports betting niche, emphasizing transparency, a diverse range of tipsters, and robust affiliate support. The platform ensures transparency by providing affiliates with comprehensive performance statistics of their referred customers, enabling accurate assessments of promotional effectiveness.

8/10 ⭐


The Bet365 Affiliate Program stands out as a premier opportunity for affiliate marketers entering the dynamic realm of online gambling. Highlighted on Bet365’s dedicated affiliate platform, this initiative offers affiliates an unmatched chance to maximize their earning potential. The commission structure includes revshare, with a commission rate of up to 30%.

7/10 ⭐

ZCode System

ZCode System offers a compelling opportunity for affiliate marketers in the sports betting niche, particularly with its algorithmic sports predictions. The platform utilizes advanced algorithms and expert analysis to deliver accurate sports predictions, enhancing its attractiveness to potential customers. For affiliates, this reliability serves as a strong selling point, building trust and boosting conversion rates.

7/10 ⭐


Betfair is a pioneering force in the sports betting realm, recognized for its state-of-the-art betting exchange platform, extensive market offerings, and an attractive commission structure. Affiliates forging a partnership with Betfair position themselves strategically in the dynamic sports betting niche. The commission rate is 30% revenue share, EPC is to be confirmed, and the cookie duration is 30 days.

7/10 ⭐

Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser emerges as an optimal choice for affiliates navigating the competitive sports betting niche. The platform’s expertise in matched betting is a key benefit for affiliate marketers. Profit Maximiser guides users through maximizing profits by capitalizing on free bets, promotions, and bonuses offered by bookmakers.

6/10 ⭐


DraftKings stands out as a cutting-edge daily sports platform, offering affiliates a diverse array of betting options and a competitive commission structure. What distinguishes the platform is its unique approach, enabling users to partake in daily fantasy contests, creating a niche in the market. This innovation becomes a compelling draw for affiliates, attracting users seeking a dynamic and interactive fantasy sports experience.

6/10 ⭐


Leveraging a robust brand reputation, a diverse spectrum of betting markets, and an enticing commission structure, 888sport extends a strategic alliance to affiliates navigating the dynamic sports betting niche. The platform’s well-established and trusted name in the industry becomes a persuasive selling point, instilling confidence in potential users and streamlining the conversion process for affiliates.

6/10 ⭐

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What role does affiliate feedback play in the rating process?

Affiliate feedback plays an important role in the ranking process, helping to assess the quality and effectiveness of betting shop affiliate programs. 

What kind of support can I expect from betting affiliate networks?

Betting affiliate networks usually offer various forms of support, including marketing materials, tracking tools, and sometimes dedicated account managers who help affiliates optimize their campaigns and maximize revenue.

Are there specific networks that specialize in certain types of betting operators?

There are affiliate networks that specialize in certain types of bookmakers, catering to niche markets such as traditional sports betting, cyber sports or casino gambling. 

How crucial is the tracking technology used by betting affiliate networks?

This ensures accurate data tracking and fair remuneration for affiliates, making this aspect important when choosing an affiliate program.