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Case studies are the most interesting thing you can find in digital marketing. They are like ancient folios written by a sage, passed down from one person to another, providing invaluable knowledge. Only not ancient, but modern, and not by a sage, but by an experienced marketer, but the knowledge they carry is truly priceless. With the help of cases, marketers adopt each other’s experience, and can clearly see the application of certain strategies. Moreover, cases are studied by both beginners and experienced marketers. We have selected for you eight interesting case studies of Single Grain marketing agencies which have been successfully operating for almost 10 years. Each case study applies one particular strategy that led to the success of an advertising campaign. With these cases, you’ll learn how to effectively apply these strategies to your own campaigns.

A marketing agency was approached by a company, an artificial intelligence-based communications platform. They wanted to launch a paid search strategy for their digital marketing campaign. The company’s brand had very low brand awareness and did not use paid advertising at all. The task was to increase user demand for the company’s products and services through search and social media advertising. 

First, keys leading to competitors’ websites were identified. Paid search advertising and promotion of the company on the Linkedin social media platform were also used. Search advertising was necessary to drive traffic and increase interest in the brand. Advertising was run on Linkedin to attract a targeted audience, the company’s account was supplemented by publishing content declaring the company as a leader in its niche. This generated organic traffic and conversions to the brand’s website.

The campaign resulted in a 24% increase in the number of customers contacting the company. Linkedin became the primary way for the brand and audience to communicate. The company’s marketing costs decreased by 16% and CPA down 32%


Gump’s San Francisco store, which specializes in selling household goods and jewelry, turned to a marketing agency for help. The store wanted to increase sales so that it could exceed the 2021 volume. This store had no traffic issues, the main goal was to break the records of the previous successful year. 

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The campaign strategy was to use Google search promotion with SEO optimization.

During the campaign, paid advertising was purchased in various traffic sources. Search engine optimization and improvement of the product catalog on the company’s website was also carried out. Cross-advertising and listing optimization were used to increase conversion rates more. 

As a result of these actions, Gump increased sales in 2022 by 91% compared to 2021. Total revenue was up 79%. Conversion increased by 40% and ROI increased by 104%. 32% of customers made a purchase more than once. 

Programmatic advertising

Hestan Culinary sells high quality kitchenware that has been praised by many Michelin-starred chefs. However, at some point their sales dropped significantly and they needed the help of a marketing agency. The agency’s main objective was to increase the number of sales and improve their return on investment. Since the company’s cookware is aimed at professional chefs, attracting a narrower target audience made promotion more difficult. To reach a qualified audience, the agency chose a programmatic advertising strategy. 

The engagement process utilized the StackAdapt advertising platform and various tactics to promote the brand and move the audience through the sales funnel. With the help of StackAdapt, the brand’s product catalog was optimized and a native feed was implemented, which increased the effectiveness of the campaign. 

As a result of this strategy, the company’s sales increased by a whopping 218% and ROAS (Return on investment) increased from 1.91 to 9.20 ROAS. These figures were maintained for 45 days after the launch of the advertising campaign, resulting in a huge increase in the brand’s revenue. The company continued to use this marketing strategy in the future as its effectiveness was very high.

Landing page and Linkedin

Learning A-Z sells educational products for middle school students. The company had a poorly optimized landing page with too many external links, which was perceived negatively by potential customers. The company also wanted to increase sales of its licenses on the LinkedIn platform. 

Landing page and Linkedin

The first step was to optimize the brand landing page — the design was simplified, and new buttons were added so that customers could get a free trial of their product or immediately order a product or service. On LinkedIn, the agency featured targeted advertising, through which ads for their educational software licenses were displayed in the feeds of school teachers and principals. Targeted advertising allowed them to significantly narrow the search for potential customers and engage their target audience.

As a result of the campaign, conversions increased by 125%, 42% of users started using the trial version of the products, and 73% went straight to purchasing goods and services. Targeted advertising on LinkedIn attracted 462 users, one of whom signed up for a trial, four of whom immediately purchased a license, and 12 others who bought other products from the company. After the LinkedIn ads performed well, the agency decided to repeat the same strategy on Facebook. The ROAS after Facebook targeting rose to 5.47 ROAS.

SMM marketing and E-commerce

LockNLube brand specializes in selling car parts and automotive lubricants. They wanted to improve their product catalog on Amazon and increase brand awareness as the season of demand for their products was approaching. The company also wanted to launch an advertising campaign using eBay’s tool, Promoted Listings Advanced. In addition, LockNLube was interested in running ads on TikTok.

Fulfilling the task, the marketing agency completely redesigned the company’s product catalog on Amazon — the name and description of each product were redesigned. It was also decided to increase spending on advertising on Amazon. After these manipulations, testing was conducted, which showed that the conversion rate increased.  To run ads on eBay, keyword optimization was applied. The keywords were categorized into three groups: brand, non-brand, competitor. By observing these keywords, the keywords that bring the most conversions were identified. At TikTok, the company already had the creatives ready, the agency only needed to optimize them and re-launch them. 

To further increase conversions and sales for the high season, an entire media strategy was developed. The media strategy included YouTube promotion, Walmart ads, SMS marketing, branding updates and the company’s online store pages. 

The campaign resulted in a 54% increase in the company’s revenue after the busy season compared to last year’s results. The optimization increased conversion rates by 24.7%. On eBay, clicks on the company’s merchandise increased by 21%, showings increased by 74%, and ROI increased by 110%. On the company’s TikTok account, the audience became much more engaged while keeping the prices of items the same. However, TikTok only indirectly helped in increasing conversions.

The Peet’s Coffee brand sells the highest quality tea and coffee. The company is considered as one of the best coffee and tea sellers in the USA. The brand has excellent recognition and runs its marketing campaigns, but Google Ads are not used at all in them due to which the conversion growth was very slow.

Google Ads

To increase the conversion rate, it was necessary to run Google Ads, update the ad text and optimize the keywords. The brand name and the name of the company’s products were chosen as keywords. The text of the ads was redesigned to be more relevant to the landing pages and emphasized the UVP of the products. Additional non-branded keywords were tested and scaled to increase ROI.

These actions resulted in a 455% increase in revenue and a 676% increase in orders. ROI increased by 158% and advertising costs decreased by 72%. 


Simon Beer is a successful sole trader who makes handmade ceramics. He turned to a marketing agency to improve the return on his investment in search advertising. His ROI was gradually decreasing and his cost per click had increased by 168%. To cut costs, the agency decided to develop a manual bidding strategy and abandon the automated bidding campaign. 

The agency tested different manual bids in Google Ads for keywords and tracked the costs. So the price per click decreased by 60% and the profitability increased by 135%. At the same time, the number of impressions did not decrease, but only increased by 17%.


Three companies approached the agency: Inkbox, Airbnb and Spearmint Love. Inkbox sells temporary tattoos. They wanted to direct potential customers to Reddit for the sake of lowering their CPA. Airbnb is a major real estate rental agent. The brand used Google to optimize sourcing, prevent unnecessary tag duplication, and minimize snippet sizes. Spearmint Love sells children’s clothing and various accessories. The goal for all three clients was Facebook remarketing.

Inkbox used Reddit Pixel for retargeting because it reached a larger audience and allowed them to track conversions. On Reddit Pixel customized creatives to target consumers, which helped bring customers back into the sales funnel. For Airbnb, the agency used Google Tag Manager to reduce tag deployment time. For Spearmint Love, the agency used Facebook Pixel, which allowed them to automate targeting ads to mothers, also simplified ads and tracked ROI. 

As a result, Inkbox’s impressions increased 1.5x while CPA dropped 86%. ROI also increased. Spearmint Love saw a 38x increase in profitability and a 12x increase in revenue compared to the same period last year.

Case studies: Conclusion

Digital marketing is a very complex field in which even strong companies with high turnover can fall victim to a drop in sales. That is why they resort to the help of marketing agencies with a lot of experience. The cases, which clearly demonstrate the work of professional marketing agencies, allow other marketers to see the whole marketing process from the inside, adopting the experience and knowledge of specialists. These eight cases demonstrated how to most effectively apply certain marketing strategies. By applying them and customizing them to your campaigns, you can achieve tremendous success in your niche.

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