How to use AI to automate affiliate marketing

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What will help you earn more with less effort? Artificial intelligence, of course. To date, developers have been able to train AI to perform complex tasks in different directions. You will be able to use it to create photo and video creatives, write texts, create a marketing plan, and much more. Today, we’ll look at how AI can help with affiliate marketing automation.

How to use AI to automate affiliate marketing
Artificial intelligence is far from perfect and cannot replace professional copywriters and editors. Image:

Understanding AI and its applications in affiliate marketing

The role of artificial intelligence in affiliate marketing is growing every day. It is already able not only to create primitive text but also to study arrays of information, generate pictures, translate videos, and even search for relevant information on the Internet.

But today it is not possible to fully automate the process of creating content for affiliate marketing. Artificial intelligence is far from perfect and cannot replace professional copywriters and editors. However, there are several useful services that will help with routine tasks and will be useful tools for affiliate marketing. 

Using AI can help improve SEO for affiliate marketing content by analyzing keyword data and suggesting the best keywords to use in blog posts, product descriptions, and other content. AI can also help personalize content for different audience segments by analyzing browsing history, purchase history, and other data to recommend products that are most likely to appeal to individual customers.

How to use AI to automate affiliate marketing
Using AI can help improve SEO for affiliate marketing content. Image: Freepik

Best AI tools for affiliate marketing (Content)

The first thing you need to automate affiliate marketing is to create quality text. There are several useful AIs available on the market today to help with this.

Chat GPT 

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about AI is Chat GPT. The service is actively developing. The latest updates include the ability to search for information on the Internet, create images, and much more. Chat GPT is definitely a useful tool for affiliate marketing. Subscription to the advanced version costs not much, 27-29 per month. So it is a great choice.


It’s a direct competitor to Google’s Chat GPT. It also knows how to text, create photo-generated code in Python, and even conscious dialog. Features include creating a separate interface for each task. The cost of the advanced version is $20 per month.


A chatbot from Writesonic. The creators claim that their project is a full analog and direct competitor of ChatGPT. It is based on GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 technologies.

It can create EO-text, as well as images (connected via API with DALL-E and Stable Diffusion), perceive voice commands, use the built-in Google search for more relevant answers, remember the details of the dialog with the user to take them into account in the context of subsequent responses.

And it costs $12 per month.

Advertising creatives

AdCreative AI is the only generative, conversion-focused artificial intelligence that creates high-quality, ready-to-use ad creatives. All you need to do is upload your logo and choose a color scheme, and the powerful platform will be ready to run hundreds of different ad creatives for you to choose from.

You can use it for free or get the most out of it by paying. The cost varies depending on the plan from $29 to $499 per month.

How to use AI to automate affiliate marketing
Using AI for marketing is not expensive. Image: Google DeepMind

Data Analytics

To automate affiliate marketing using artificial intelligence, it’s important to use services for data analytics. There are a few worthy ones.

Zoho Analytics

It is a universal AI-based business intelligence platform. You can analyze data from different sources, using artificial intelligence and generating automatic conclusions. Interacting with interactive reports is easy from the user-friendly dashboard. For product companies, Zoho Analytics is especially useful for creating and analyzing data visualizations to optimize inventory management, discover trends, and discover growth opportunities.

It costs from $30 per month.

Einstein GPT

It is a generative AI tool for marketing for Salesforce CRM that customizes every customer interaction (across emails, chats, and special offers). Einstein GPT tools allow you to create customized predictions and recommendations without the need for data scientists. Einstein powers Customer 360 across sales, customer service, marketing, commerce, and data, guiding salespeople from interacting with leads to closing the deal.

It costs from $25 per month.

Working with clients

Getting feedback from customers is important for any business and marketing model. Using AI you can systematize comments and at least reduce the time to process them.


It is a platform for improving customer experience based on artificial intelligence in online chats and emails. Netomi assures that its AI is capable of solving 80% of routine customer queries in real-time. Netomi integrates into different customer communication services, and its AI can be either a fully automated agent or an assistant to a customer service employee.


It is a platform for constructing smart chatbots without code. With the platform, you will improve customer experience, automatically distribute the flow of requests, increase leads, and get analytics of communications. Kommunicate supports various integrations including messengers, CRM systems, websites, and mobile apps. The platform has a centralized dashboard for tracking and analytics of chats.

It costs $40 per month, but a free trial is available.



It’s an AI service from Microsoft that helps you transform hand sketches into working prototypes. Sketch2Code recognizes text and quickly adds it to the finished design. Azure Cloud Platform is used to host the design layout and generate the final HTML code. In Sketch2Code, designers can collaborate with marketers and draw a prototype on a whiteboard, then review the resulting code to test their new ideas.


It’s a design automation tool that helps marketers turn their ideas into professionally designed layouts. With Uizard, you can quickly convert app or website screenshots into editable layouts and use AI Design Assistant to create unique UX styles. In addition, Uizard offers options for wireframing, prototyping, and creating UI themes.

Image generation

What artificial intelligence is great at is generating images. AI tools for marketing that can generate images or videos make the work of creating creatives 2 or more times shorter.


Midjourney is an AI that can be used as an image generator. It generates unique pictures based on user-defined prompts. It can also be used to convert 2D sketches into unique 3D models.

However, you need to purchase a monthly or annual subscription to use the platform. The cheapest monthly plan costs only $10. Previously, the project allowed generating AI images for free, but due to growing demand, only paid subscribers can now use this service.


Dreamstudio.Ai is the official portal from the developers of the Stable Diffusion neural network. Unlike its installation version for powerful PCs, Dreamstudio.Ai provides access to all features on the site.

Generating an image is simple: select a style, enter a query in English, and click “Dream”. The resulting images look realistic, as if created by an artist, although the neural network still has trouble generating faces and hands. The paid version offers additional features such as creating animations, editing source images, and advanced tool customization.

A trial version with 50 credits + paid plans starting at $10 is available.

How to use AI to automate affiliate marketing
As much as we try to deny it, the future of productive marketing is in artificial intelligence. Image: Freepik

Automating content creation with AI: Pros and Cons

Automated content generation using AI is a revolutionary approach to marketing. However, there are pros and cons to consider when choosing whether to create content manually or automatically using AI.

Pros of automated affiliate marketing Cons 
You can create extensive content in a short amount of timeThe quality of content is lower than manual content 
No need to spend a lot of time searching for information Some pieces of content will have to be written manually anyway
Eliminates mundane tasks 
Reduces the cost of content creation

The future of AI in content creation for affiliate marketing

As much as we try to deny it, the future of productive marketing is in artificial intelligence. There are already services to automate processes and simplify work. It is worth realizing that the quality of artificial intelligence will improve. It is no longer just a chat room for entertainment, but a professional tool for solving complex problems. The following trends can already be observed:

  • AI algorithms will become even more sophisticated in creating high-quality and cohesive content that mimics human writing style. This will allow marketers to create large volumes of customized content targeted at different audience segments and niches.
  • AI tools for marketing will facilitate video content creation, including scripting, editing, and styling. This will allow affiliate marketers to capitalize on the growing popularity of video and engage their audiences in more engaging ways.
  • AI will continue to evolve in personalizing content, using more data, and improving recommendation algorithms. Marketers will be able to create hyper-personalized services that seamlessly integrate with users’ preferences, behaviors, and environments.

As AI evolves and improves, it will allow affiliate marketers to create more targeted, engaging, and useful content. This will increase customer engagement. But you have to remember that today, creating quality content without humans is impossible.


What can AI tools for digital marketing be used for?

Best AI tools for affiliate marketing give you the opportunity to reduce work time for content creation, systematize information, communicate with customers, and generate photos. Artificial intelligence tools are useful in all stages of marketing automation. 

Is it productive to automate affiliate marketing?

Yes, it’s an opportunity to generate more revenue, create more targeted content, and access massive amounts of information in a couple of seconds. The future lies in the use of artificial intelligence in marketing. 

Is it expensive to use professional AI tools for marketing?

Using AI for marketing is not expensive. Most AI tools are free to use, and you can get the full range of their capabilities from $20/month. However, there are more expensive tools, but the benefits are greater than the costs.

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