The TikTok affiliate marketing guide to work with Amazon Associates

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Have you ever wondered how to monetize your TikTok audience and turn your hobby into profit? It doesn’t seem impossible at all if you are familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing — earning profits by driving web traffic.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to monetize your TikTok audience is to use the Amazon Associates platform. This way you can earn from sales you make on Amazon, promote verified products, and have flexible earnings that depend on the number of subscribers you have.

Despite the simplicity of this way of monetizing traffic, it requires investing a lot of effort and applying effective marketing strategies. If you are interested in all this, we suggest you read our detailed guide on affiliate marketing in TikTok and how to become an Amazon affiliate.

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to monetize your TikTok audience is to use the Amazon Associates platform. Image: Tobias Dziuba

How to become a TikTok affiliate?

To start earning from TikTok traffic, you must first register with Amazon Associates. To do this, go to the Amazon Associates Central page and complete the initial registration by providing your email address, name and creating a password, or use an existing account. become an affiliate
How to sign up for an Amazon affiliate program? Screenshot: Amazon Accociates

Then you need to fill in a few fields — provide your name, address and phone number. After that, add the sites and mobile apps where you plan to promote Amazon affiliate marketing program links. In our case, here you need to specify the URL of your page in the TikTok app.

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How to become an amazon affiliate? Screenshot: Amazon Accociates

After that you need to create an Amazon affiliate profile and set your store identification code, which is used to track clicks on affiliate links. Then you will be taken to a small questionnaire with questions about your target audience, types of products and services, and ways to attract traffic on TikTok.

The last step is to add your tax information, namely your social security number, employer ID number, or any other identifier.

Amazon affiliate program requirements

To become an Amazon affiliate marketing program partner, your TikTok profile must meet certain requirements. One of the main requirements is that new affiliates need to make at least three sales in the first 180 days after signing up for the affiliate program, or the platform will close your account.

But even if that happens, you can create a new Amazon affiliate marketing program application. Also, you must not give false information about the promoted products, your TikTok profile must not contain unethical content, you can not promote links on offline resources.

This is not the entire list of Amazon’s requirements — you can read the full list at this link. It’s also worth reading the operating agreement for partners to learn about additional requirements.

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Becoming an Amazon affiliate. Screenshot: Amazon Accociates

How to get an amazon affiliate link?

So, how to create an Amazon affiliate link?There are several ways to create an Amazon affiliate link and the easiest one is to use the SiteStripe tool, which can be found on the top bar of every Amazon page. You can use it to create an affiliate link right on the Amazon page by selecting the code for text links, links with product images, or links with text or images. This tool is only available on the web version of Amazon’s site.

If you want to generate a link using your smartphone, you can use the GetLink tool. To use it, go to the promoted product page, click the share button and click “copy affiliate link”. You’ll get a short URL link that you can use in your content to promote products on social networks

You can also use the versatile Idea Hub tool where you can browse and filter products and services, then generate affiliate links and use them for promotion.

For links to bring more conversions, insert only short links. It is also important that links are concisely integrated into your content. Regularly test the effectiveness of your links and optimize them based on the results of your analytics.

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How to be an Аmazon affiliate? Screenshot: Amazon Accociates

How to promote affiliate links on TikTok?

To promote affiliate links for products on Amazon, you need to create interesting content that will resonate with your audience. The type of content depends on your target audience and the product you need to drive traffic to — for example, if you’re promoting products of the gut vertical, it’s worth focusing on a female audience.

It’s important that your content is of high quality to drive more organic traffic to your account — try to find your unique style and record video clips with original content. However, if you don’t plan to go the hard way, you can simply take videos from free sources and edit them. You can also unique other people’s videos from other platforms, such as Instagram, and reupload them to TikTok.

An important part of future conversion is the trend ability of your videos — videos that get into recommendations can gain millions of views in no time. To get into recommendations, you need to keep a close eye on the latest trends on the platform and use them in your videos.

You can also overlay popular music on top of the content in your videos — this will also help you get recommended. Another factor in getting into recommendations is using popular hashtags and posting videos at certain times. And at what time it is best to post videos in TikTok, we told you in this article.

However, it will take a long time for your account to gain an audience on organic traffic alone. Buy advertising from channels with a large number of subscribers and engage in cross-promotion

When you have gained your first audience, you can start promoting affiliate links. This can be done in many ways, but really effective can be called only three:

  • Reviews of the products you are promoting in TikTok. The reviews should look honest, indicating the pros and cons of the promoted product. You can indicate that you yourself use the promoted product and regularly order it from the seller. So you will earn the trust of your audience and they will be more willing. Affiliate link can be left in the description of the video;
  • Partnering with brands. By partnering with the brand whose products you are promoting, you will receive sponsored content and other useful bonuses. Unique sponsored content attracts more attention to the promoted goods, so conversion will increase. Affiliate link can be inserted in the description to the video;
  • Affiliate links in the bio. Affiliate links can be left in the bio that is in your TikTok profile. In the video, you can direct viewers to read your profile information and details about the promoted product.

Earnings from TikTok affiliate marketing

Amazon pays according to this scheme — the more items shipped to customers through your affiliate link, the more commissions you get. When you sell enough products, you’ll move to a new commission rate and earn more from each sale. Here’s what commission percentage you’ll get for selling these products:

  • 1.0% for video games and game consoles;
  • 2.0% on TVs and digital downloadable games;
  • 2.5% on computers, computer components, DVDs and Blu-Rays;
  • 3.0% on toys;
  • Amazon tablets and Kindle devices: 4,0%;
  • 4.5% on paper books, health care, personal care, sports, first aid kits, automobiles and baby products: 4.5%;
  • 5.0% on digital music and video downloads; groceries, handmade goods or musical instruments;
  • 6.0% on headphones, beauty products, musical instruments, business and industrial goods;
  • 7.0% on apparel and accessories, Amazon TVs, Amazon Echo products, and jewelry;
  • 8.0% on furniture, lawn and garden, home, pantry and pet products;
  • 10.0% on Amazon Fashion Products and Amazon Coins.

Most other categories charge affiliates a four percent commission, while Amazon gift cards and wine pay no commission.

Amazon doesn’t pay out commission earnings until sales reach $10. That amount can be transferred to a bank deposit or by getting an Amazon gift card. To get paid by bank check, you need to sell $100 or more worth of merchandise. If the threshold amount is not reached during the month, the balance is carried over to the next month. Amazon pays affiliate sales for a clean 60 days.

how to become amazon affiliate
How much do amazon affiliates make? Screenshot: Amazon Accociates

Additional considerations

New TikTok affiliates often face a variety of traffic monetization challenges. The most common of these problems is low traffic and poor conversion rates. To fix this, analyze your content and compare it with your competitors’ content, from the results of the analysis you will see detailed statistics, reading which you will understand which content is more liked by users and which is not.

It is also important to optimize your way of promoting affiliate links — perhaps the audience does not like the way you advertise the product, so there is no response. Experiment with your amazon commission link submission and perhaps conversions will increase.

In addition to this, the problem may lurk in the product itself — it may not be suitable for your target audience or it may just be bad. Replace the promoted product to increase the conversion rate.

Remember that the content posted in TikTok should not contradict the rules of the platform — all videos should be unique and not spread pornographic, shocking and other unethical content. Also, when promoting affiliate links, it is important to disclose truthful information about the product, so as not to deceive potential consumers. 


So, we have realized that to monetize traffic in TikTok, all you need to do is become an Amazon affiliate and promote affiliate links to products in your content. By choosing the right promotion strategy and creating engaging content, you can make huge money from affiliate marketing while earning a significant passive income.

All you need to do is sign up for the Amazon Associates program and you can start your journey in affiliate marketing. Also read our article about TikTok Influencers and their earnings.

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