Social media marketing strategy for businesses in 2024

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Many companies pay too little attention to social media marketing, emphasizing other methods of promotion. Some have social media accounts and don’t make posts, while other companies simply leave it in the hands of younger employees, because of their age, they are supposed to be social media savvy. This approach isn’t effective in 2024 — right now, you need to use the right promotional social media strategy to fully market on social media. In this article, you will learn about four effective social media promotion strategies.

Social media marketing strategy for businesses in 2024
People’s interest in learning about artificial intelligence increased to 550% in 2023. Image: pikisuperstar

The AI trend

Artificial intelligence is infiltrating every aspect of modern man’s life, from entertainment for all tastes to work tools and the financial sector. This is not surprising at all, as the year 2022 saw a boom in the popularity of artificial intelligence thanks to the company OpenAI.

People’s interest in learning about artificial intelligence increased to 550% in 2023 and among those people were not a few marketers and SMM specialists. Still due to the potential of artificial intelligence and the cheapness of its use, many companies are starting to implement it in various areas of business, including social media plan management.

Of course, the use of neural networks has its risks, but if applied correctly, such a social media marketing strategy can bear fruit. Some companies deny all the benefits of using neural networks, claiming that the younger generation will quickly distinguish the work of artificial intelligence, but most likely these companies will be quickly supplanted by organizations that are actively implementing neural networks.

Social media marketing strategy for businesses in 2024
It is very important to keep active on any social media. Image: sergeycauselove

How to properly implement artificial intelligence in business?

  • Study your audience. Not all users are positive about the introduction of artificial intelligence in social media. There are a few of them, and most of them are neutral towards neural networks, but before using these marketing tips for social media planning, it is better to analyze your audience and determine how they will react to the innovations;
  • Distribute tasks. You should not immediately start firing all employees managing social media. Now artificial intelligence is not at the stage of development to completely replace an experienced specialist. It’s best to give artificial intelligence the simplest and most routine tasks, such as writing texts for short posts, and outsource complex tasks to SMM specialists, such as creating creatives and announcing new products.

The platform trend

Depending on the selected social media, the approach to the promotion social media marketing strategy will be different. Nowadays, it is very important to keep active on any social media, but you need to do it differently everywhere. If you promote your business on Facebook, you should make posts of different formats and topics, supporting them with news about your brand or third-party interesting events.

If you are promoting on YouTube, you should upload a lot of videos, only supplementing them with posts. If you’re promoting on TikTok, where users watch entertaining videos, you should also make entertaining content. Also when promoting on social media, one of the biggest challenges is always the problem of user engagement.

It all takes a lot of time and resources, but in the long run it will bring in a large number of new leads. It is very important that social media planning content should be unique and customized for the specific platform.

Pay attention to your profile style, platform trends, use hashtags, interactive content, marketing tips in your social media strategy. Also, platforms often have new feachers and useful features that can be effectively used to promote your profile. 

There are so many platforms for promotions strategy and far from always they are effective. For example, this is what happened with the former Twitter, which after rebranding to X lost user engagement by 7%. So if you realize that the social platform is changing in a bad way and the ROI is changing, be prepared to change your social media marketing strategy or switch to another social platform.

It is best to have profiles on several social media platforms in advance and develop them in parallel, so that if one platform loses relevance, you can quickly and without losses switch to another. Learn more about promoting your business on vertical social media in this article.

Social media marketing strategy for businesses in 2024
Some brands combine self-promotion with entertainment content. Image: Freepik

How does your content affects your ROI 

ROI is directly related to user engagement. Multiple surveys of users of various social networks show that the majority of brand subscribers do not like self-promotion of companies and expect more entertaining, thematic content that promotes greater audience engagement.

Despite these statistics, marketers and SMM specialists continue to regularly post content about new products and brand news, which negatively affects engagement and ROI is lost as users buy fewer products. 

At the same time, brands that move away from self-promotions strategy towards posting entertaining content succeed in increasing audience engagement. Some brands combine self-promotion with entertainment content, while other brands completely shift to an entertainment-only posting social media marketing strategy, but both categories of brands show an increase in ROI, which is not the case for brands posting only self-promotion. A brand’s profile should first and foremost appeal to users, rather than being the most serious advertising account possible. Your audience already knows which brand they’ve subscribed to and what products it has, so pay more attention to interactivity with subscribers and different entertainment in the content. 

Of course, if you’ve always been only self-promotional in your social media marketing plan profile before, you shouldn’t switch to entertainment content right away — it’s better to do it gradually so that your audience doesn’t have any dissonance.

How to properly implement entertainment content into a business?

  • Get your audience’s opinion. Always ask your subscribers’ opinions on any changes to the way your brand profile is run. You can use social media marketing tips directly by publishing a post and reviewing the comments, or you can do it in a survey format. If you don’t use social media marketing tips, you could disappoint your audience who are used to a particular type of content;
  • Experiment with content. You don’t want to publish the same type of content all the time. Regularly dilute it with different formats, for example, add interactives and live streaming to your regular posts to make it more interesting for your audience to follow your profile by using these marketing tips. You can create unusual and creative content with the CapCut app we wrote about in this article;
  • Think about the future. Don’t rush to completely revamp your content right away. Do it gradually and evolve your content social media marketing strategy without reverting to old ways of self-promotion.


What year did artificial intelligence start gaining popularity?

Artificial intelligence and neural networks started to become popular quickly with the advent of chatbot ChatGPT on November 30, 2022. 

How to use social media strategy with artificial intelligence in a social media profile?

Before using artificial intelligence in the social media strategy of your business profiles, do an analysis of your audience and determine how users feel about such an innovation, and properly allocate tasks between your employees and the AI.

How much has social network X’s engagement rate dropped since the rebranding?

After Twitter was rebranded as X, the user engagement rate dropped by 7%.

What’s the right way to incorporate entertainment content into a business?

To make content more engaging and increase your ROI, it’s important to find out what your audience thinks about it, experiment with your content, and gradually introduce innovations to your profile. You can learn even more about promoting products and services on social media in 2024 in this article.

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