TikTok influencer engagement and earnings calculator

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Every day TikTok has 1.64 billion users and this figure is growing every month. Such a huge figure has attracted the attention of influencers from all over the world who want to earn money on this promising social network. But how much do tiktok influencers make and what do you need to do for this? We decided to figure it out and prepared for you an article on how to develop your profile in TikTok and how to start earning on it.

TikTok influencer engagement and earnings calculator
Image: Solen Feyissa

Growing your TikTok account

TikTok appeared back in 2016 and has already ceased to be a novelty. But despite this, bloggers are still finding new ways to effectively grow their accounts and achieve success quickly. One of the most effective ways to make a TikTok account more popular is scaling.

Yes, some bloggers and Influencers have managed to successfully grow their account without moving to other platforms, but there are only a few of them. If you want to ensure you get more subscribers, it’s important to expand your account and start additional profiles on other platforms, such as YouTube or Instagram.

Many bloggers and Influencers mix content from TikTok with content on YouTube. So, for example, you can create compilations of the best videos from TikTok on YouTube or pour edits from YouTube onto TikTok.

By the way, YouTube is also a very effective platform for earning money from content, as we covered in this article. To evaluate the effectiveness of increasing your income on TikTok from developing your profiles on other platforms, use one of the many tiktok calculators. You can use the TikTok calculator Countik, TikTok calculator Tikcalculator, TikTok calculator PubTok or TikTok calculator Exploit

Understand your audience

Without understanding your audience, you won’t be able to achieve influencer engagement rates on your TikTok account. But how do you understand your audience? It’s very simple — ask yourself the question «Why do people watch my content? Why did they choose my account? What is its uniqueness?».

The answer may not be obvious at all — perhaps you make short programming guides, but you have such an interesting presentation that people who are not interested in programming will watch you.

Or if you can paint well and record the process of painting a picture on video, but in the background talk about interesting incidents from your life, there will be a lot of users who will be interested in your stories specifically.

If you’ve figured out why your audience likes your content, then focus on creating similar videos — that way you’ll attract people who like certain content and your influencer engagement rate benchmarks will grow. With more audience engagement you will get lots of likes, subscriptions and views to calculate your income using this data in TikTok money calculator. 

Perfect your profile

The look and feel of your profile is also very important for increasing your audience influencer engagement rates and subscriber growth. At the same time, the profile should not just be beautiful — it should emphasize your content and you as a person, create and maintain your image, showing why users should subscribe to you.

It’s also important to create a beautiful and original profile name. It should be easy to pronounce and directly associated with you and your content. Be responsible in coming up with a profile name because you will only get one shot at it.

Also, try to name all of your profiles on other platforms the same or at least consonant — this way your fans will realize that it is your profile if they come across it on other platforms. A quality profile gives a lot of you a significant boost in subscribers, likes and views under your videos. This data can be used to accurately calculate your current income in the TikTok money calculator.

However, be very careful about using sensitive information — there shouldn’t be too much of it, and it’s best to share only your name with your followers. This is necessary so that malicious people, who abound on any social network, can use your personal information for their own purposes to gain from you or simply ruin your life. 

TikTok influencer engagement and earnings calculator
It’s important to make neutral content that does not contain anything inappropriate. Фотограф: MART PRODUCTION

Follow the basic rules and conventions when uploading videos

As on any other popular platform for posting content, TikTok has a lot of rules and requirements that authors must comply with in order to avoid various sanctions.

To avoid being banned and more likely to get into the recommendations of users, it is important to make the most neutral content and it should not contain anything inappropriate — propaganda for the use of illegal substances, racism, sexism and so on. It is also important that the content does not contain non-obvious double meanings and other questionable elements. 

It is also important to consider the format of your videos — on TikTok, all videos are displayed vertically. To make it easy for users to view your content, use a video format with an aspect ratio of 1080×1920. Also, for better promotion and increased engagement, you should make a simple and original description of the video, and use appropriate hashtags.

By following these rules and requirements, you will be able to get into the recommendations by getting very many likes, subscribers and views, after which you can use this data to calculate your income in TikTok earnings estimator.

Produce consistent content

Since your goal is to recruit an engaged, targeted audience, a good solution is to develop a universal template for your videos and upload them at a certain frequency. If your users know that you upload a certain type of video on Monday and they like them, they will wait until the following Monday to watch the same content.

In doing so, they will browse through your other videos looking for interesting content. The main videos can be diluted with short videos on detached topics, such as «video diary» format content or something similar. 

It’s ideal to create some style of your own, even if your content is very simple. A lot of popular TikTok bloggers became popular through videos with simple dances and music overlaid on top. It’s not the dancing itself that made them popular, but the unique style, unusual presentation and interesting music.

TikTok influencer engagement and earnings calculator
It’s ideal to create some style of your own, even if your content is very simple. Image: Solen Feyissa

Engage with your audience

If a blogger abstracts and does not interact with their subscribers in any way, they will not be able to achieve a good level of engagement. By responding to user comments under your videos, your subscribers will think that you are making content just for them and not for making money on TikTok. This creates a sense of caring in your subscribers and the importance of their opinion. 

Live streaming is another good way to interact with your audience. Occasionally run live broadcasts on your profile and actively interact with your audience on them, sharing the latest news from your life, but without divulging sensitive information. It’s also a good idea to play music on live broadcasts, pursue your hobbies, or invite interesting guests to the broadcasts.

Promote your TikTok videos on your other social channels

Promote your profiles on other platforms and blogs. There are users who do not watch TikTok but use other platforms and they may like your type of content. By promoting your profiles on other platforms, you can get additional followers and become more popular. Use the TikTok money calculator regularly to calculate your income and assess the relevance of your investments to develop profiles on other platforms.

Improve your production values over time

If you have just started promoting your TikTok profile, you probably don’t have a big budget, expensive equipment and professional skills. This may be enough for initial development, but over time you will need to develop as a content creator. As your popularity grows, you’ll have more money to buy better equipment and your skills will improve.

This way you can gradually create high quality content, which will be your key to success. The higher the quality of your content, the more likes, subscribers and views you can get. You can use this data to calculate your income in the TikTok earnings estimator. Skills are one of the keys to success in social media, and SMM skills are considered some of the most valuable. To find out what skills a professional social media manager should have, read our article.

Earning money on TikTok

Until your TikTok profile is popular enough to earn a good TikTok revenue, you can sign advertising contracts directly with brands. It is very important that the integration of ads in your videos is organic and does not affect the influencer engagement rate benchmarks of your subscribers.

When you become even more popular, brands themselves will approach you to advertise their products in your videos. Typically, brands are willing to pay anywhere from $500 to $5000 for advertising integration on TikTok.

When you have at least a few thousand subscribers and your videos are gaining a lot of views and likes, you can enable monetization in TikTok. You can also use TikTok to promote your own products of your own brand.

By starting live broadcasts, you can get donations from them, which is also a good way to make money on TikTok. But remember that all these ways of making money on TikTok will only work if you have a lot of subscribers and your audience is engaged enough and ready to part with their money for you.

To calculate your possible TikTok revenue on a TikTok money calculator. These TikTok money calculators can be easily found online in one of the many ways.

TikTok influencer engagement and earnings calculator
The highest paid TikTok blogger is Charli D’Amelio who earns $17.5 million. Image: George Milton

How much do TikTok influencers make

Tiktok has very small monetization payments compared to similar platforms such as YouTube. For one million views, TikTok will pay a blogger between $20 and $40. Such small amounts are due to the fact that on TikTok the payout scheme works differently than on similar platforms.

That’s why most of the big influencers use not only TikTok monetization but also advertising contracts with brands to make good money. The highest paid TikTok blogger is Charli D’Amelio who earns $17.5 million.


How do I calculate my earnings on TikTok?

To calculate your TikTok revenue on this platform, the easiest way is to use the TikTok money calculator. 

How can I make money on TikTok?

You can connect TikTok monetization, get an advertising contract with a brand, sell your own brand merchandise, get donations from users on live broadcasts. But don’t forget that for making money on TikTok in any of these ways, you need a lot of subscribers and an engaged audience.

How to make your profile attractive?

To make your profile look nice and interesting, it is important that it emphasizes your style and type of content. Also your profile should have a simple, beautiful and original title.

Why do you need to communicate with your audience?

Without communicating with your audience, it’s impossible to achieve high engagement. To make the audience on your TikTok profile more engaged, respond to user comments and host live broadcasts to communicate directly with your subscribers.

Where is the best place to edit videos for TikTok?

One of the most convenient tools for editing videos for TikTok is the free CapCut app, which we recently wrote about in this article.

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