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No matter how brilliant a blogger is, success doesn’t depend on them alone! Delusional? No, it doesn’t. The timing of your TikTok post plays a key role in the success of your content by determining its visibility, views, and audience engagement.

TikTok’s algorithm favors content that actively engages with audiences, taking into account factors like likes, comments, and view duration, as well as the hashtags and sounds used. “The best time to post on tiktok” is when your target audience is most active, increasing the chances that your video will be seen and appreciated by more people.

It’s also important to consider the quality of the content, its uniqueness and the relevance of the elements used. Optimal posting time, backed by quality and interesting content, can significantly increase reach and engagement, making your presence on TikTok not only visible but also memorable.

Best Time to Post on TikTok
TikTok’s algorithm ranks videos based on viewing duration, completion rate, and user sharing. Image: pvproductions

Does the time of publication on TikTok matter?

Time matters in TikTok. TikTok’s algorithm ranks videos based on viewing duration, completion rate, and user sharing. A video published during peak audience engagement hours is more likely to be seen by active users, increasing initial engagement and virality.

However, successful engagement on TikTok requires more than just publishing videos at the right time. Successful long-term blogging requires high-quality, targeted content and consistency. Videos should be distinctive, intriguing, and relevant to your viewers. Regular posting keeps your audience interested and strengthens your relationship.

Thus, a successful presence on TikTok requires an integrated approach that includes posting time, content quality, and audience interests. This balance maximizes reach and engagement, leading to growth and popularity of the account.

Finding the best time to publish for your audience

Understanding that the timing of publishing on TikTok can vary is very important to choose the best time. You should consider the age, geography and interests of your audience. These criteria will help you understand when your audience is most active on the site and tailor your publishing strategy to those hours.

TikTok Pro accounts have audience analytics tools that show the location and activity of subscribers. Use this data to organize your content and upload it at the most opportune time. Social media management services like Buffer and Hootsuite provide data and the ability to categorize articles based on audience engagement, making it easy.

Remember, engaging with your TikTok audience requires knowing when they are most active, as well as their preferences and interests. Combining this knowledge with timely publications can increase engagement and influence on the platform.

One of the main reasons is the low number of subscribers. Image: Freepik

Why do I have 0 views in TikTok? Let’s figure it out and find a solution!

Often newcomers to TikTok face a situation when their content is left without attention. If you have been wondering why you have 0 views, here we will try to understand the reasons and offer solutions.

Few subscribers — less reach

One of the main reasons is the low number of subscribers. In TikTok, as in any social network, an active audience is the key to successful content distribution. Start by expanding your network: engage your friends, use hashtags, and don’t forget the importance of reciprocal subscriptions. Hashtags help your video get into the general interest stream, and reciprocal subscriptions can stimulate interest in your account.

Posting at the “wrong” time

The timing of posting is hugely important. Posts posted at times when your audience is at peak activity have the best chance of success. Research your target audience and determine when they are most active on TikTok. This is usually evenings after work or school and weekends. Experiment with posting times to find your ideal interval.

Attracting attention

Create quality and unique content that will stand out. Use trending music, original video ideas and don’t forget to be creative in your pitch. Your task is to make the user stop at your video among hundreds of others.

Bottom line

Your goal in TikTok is not just to gain views, but to create a community around your account. Use these tips to draw attention to your content and gradually grow your audience. Remember that success doesn’t come immediately, but consistent effort and creativity will definitely bring results.

Deadline for posting to TikTok
Morning hours are often effective for posting on TikTok. Image:

Common best practices regarding publication deadlines

Research and analysis of user engagement data on TikTok reveals that certain time periods are typically associated with increased audience engagement. This is due to common patterns of human behavior on social media that influence the best time to post on tiktok to maximize reach and engagement.

Morning hours are often effective for posting, as many people check their social media accounts immediately upon waking up. Evening hours are also a key time when users become re-energized in search of entertainment after work or school.

However, it is important to emphasize that the best time to post on tiktok varies depending on a variety of factors, including your audience’s geographic location, day of the week, and current trends. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct your own analysis of your audience’s activity.

Table of the best times to post on TikTok.

Day of the weekMorningAfternoonEveningBest time
Monday6-8 AM12-2 PM7-9 PM8 AM, 1 PM
Tuesday7-9 AM1-3 PM6-8 PM9 AM, 2 PM
Wednesday6-8 AM11 AM-1 PM7-9 PM7 AM, 12 PM
Thursday7-9 AM12-2 PM6-8 PM8 AM, 1 PM
Friday6-8 AM12-2 PM7-9 PM7 AM, 1 PM
Saturday7-9 AM7-10 PM8 AM, 8 PM
Sunday7-9 AM7-10 PM8 AM, 8 PM

Understanding time zones and posting times

For Different Time Zones (EST, PST, etc.):

  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): Consider posting early in the morning (6-8 AM) for early risers and late evening (7-9 PM) to catch the after-dinner crowd. This timing also somewhat aligns with PST audiences waking up.
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST): Targeting the PST zone means posting late morning (9-11 AM PST, which is 12-2 PM EST) to catch the EST lunch crowd and late PST evening (7-9 PM PST, 10 PM-12 AM EST) to engage night owls.

Weekdays vs. weekends

  • Weekdays: On weekdays, focus on early mornings, lunch hours, and evenings. People often check social media as part of their morning routine, during lunch breaks, and after work or school.
  • Weekends: On weekends, late morning through early afternoon (10 AM-2 PM) can be effective, as people tend to wake up later and may spend more time leisurely browsing social media.

Demographic adjustments

  • Younger Audiences (e.g., Teenagers): Consider posting in the afternoon (3-5 PM), shortly after school hours, when this demographic is likely to be more active and engaged.
  • Adults: For working adults, early mornings and evenings (around 6-8 AM and 7-9 PM) on weekdays and late mornings on weekends may work best.
TikTok posting time
Hone your strategy, research your audience’s preferences, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Image:

Visual representation and analysis tools

Though I can’t generate visuals directly here, using tools like Google Sheets or Excel allows you to create custom charts and graphs. Plotting your audience engagement data against different times of the day and days of the week can visually reveal the best times to post. Social media management platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer, and TikTok’s own analytics provide rich insights into when your audience is most active, which you can use to refine your posting schedule further.

Tailoring your strategy

  • Analyze your audience: Use TikTok Analytics to understand when your specific audience is online. Pay attention to patterns that emerge based on age, location, and activity.
  • Experiment and adapt: Start with broad recommendations and then tweak your posting times based on the engagement you observe. Social media strategies require ongoing adjustment as audience behaviors change.
  • Content matters: Remember, the best posting time is just one piece of the puzzle. Tailoring your content to match your audience’s interests and preferences is crucial for maximizing engagement.
  • Leverage tools: Utilize scheduling tools to maintain consistency in your posting strategy, allowing you to cover various time zones and peak activity hours without manual oversight.
  • Stay informed: Social media landscapes evolve rapidly. Keep abreast of changes in user behavior and platform algorithms to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Additional tips for optimizing your reach

To maximize your reach on TikTok, posting time is just the beginning. Here are key factors that will help increase your influence on the platform:

  • Regularity of publications: Optimal frequency is a balance between keeping your audience interested and avoiding oversaturation. Aim to publish 1-2 times a day to stay relevant and improve the visibility of your content.
  • Trending hashtags and sounds: Utilizing popular hashtags and music tracks can greatly increase reach as TikTok promotes content related to current trends.
  • Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and participate in discussions to drive engagement and build a community around your account.
  • Optimize titles and descriptions: Include keywords related to your content to improve search engine optimization within the platform.
  • Collaboration: Working with other writers expands your audience and adds variety to your content.
  • TikTok promotion: Investing in promotion can significantly increase the reach of your most successful videos.

Using analytics and experimentation

TikTok analytics is a powerful tool for optimizing your content strategy. Tracking metrics such as views, engagement, and completion rates helps you understand audience preferences. Experiment with different publishing times and content formats using A/B testing to discover what resonates best with your audience. Successful authors often share stories of how adapting their strategy to analytics data led to their growth on the platform.

Don’t be afraid to post outside of peak hours

Publishing during peak hours can lead to increased competition. Experimenting with off-peak hours can open up opportunities to achieve high engagement among niche audiences, especially when considering different time zones. This allows you to reach users who are active at different times, expanding the scope of your influence on the platform.

A variety of strategies and flexibility in your approach to publishing content on TikTok can greatly increase your reach and audience engagement. Experiment, analyze and adapt your strategy to achieve the best results.

TikTok peak hours
TikTok analytics is a powerful tool for optimizing your content strategy. Image: jannoon028

Common myths and mistakes to avoid

There are many myths and misconceptions in the world of TikTok, especially when it comes to publishing time. Let’s tackle some of them and highlight the mistakes you should avoid to successfully promote your content.

Myths about publishing time:

  • Myth 1: Posts should only be published on weekends. Many people believe that weekends are the time when audiences are most active, but this is not always the case. User activity depends on many factors, including demographics and interests. While weekends can bring good engagement for some types of content, other topics perform best on weekdays when users are looking for entertainment or information in between work or school.
  • Myth 2: There is a universal best time to post on tiktok for everyone. In reality, the optimal time to post varies greatly depending on your target audience and geographic location. Analytics and experimentation are your best assistants in finding the perfect time for your unique content.

Common mistakes:

  • Mistake 1: Relying only on publishing time, ignoring the quality of content. There’s no doubt that publishing time matters, but it’s only one of many success factors. Content quality and relevance is much more important. Your goal is to create compelling and valuable content that resonates with your audience.
  • Mistake 2: Posting incessantly and expecting significant growth. Posting regularly is critical to increasing reach and engagement. Creating a posting schedule and sticking to it can help you retain your audience and attract new subscribers.
  • Mistake 3: Ignoring your audience and their demographics. Understanding your target audience is key to creating content that resonates. Ignoring your audience’s interests, preferences, and demographics can lead to low engagement and limited reach.


Strategic timing of posts on TikTok plays a key role in increasing audience reach and engagement. Analyzing your audience and experimenting with your posting schedule, along with creating quality content, is essential for effective engagement on the platform.

Hone your strategy, research your audience’s preferences, and don’t be afraid to try new things. These actions can significantly boost your presence on TikTok. Start today: optimize your publishing schedule and closely monitor your results to see the growth and success of your content on this dynamic platform.

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