How to get more followers on Instagram: a guide to organic growth

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Instagram ranks fourth on the list of the most popular social networks. This is not surprising at all — instagram has become a part of everyday life of millions of people all over the planet due to its convenience and a large number of functions.

However, Instagram is not only a platform for sharing photos, but also a powerful tool for promoting business, personal brands and creative ideas. This has long been realized by various large companies and individual entrepreneurs, so the competition is constantly growing and attracting real subscribers is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

Nevertheless, no matter how difficult this task may be, it is not impossible at all. In this article, we will look at ways to get IG followers and get organic traffic.

how to get more followers on ig
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Why do you need organic traffic?

Buying fake followers will not give you anything but numbers on your profile. In addition, the platform will soon remove the baited subscribers and possibly even ban your account. The only thing that a spoofing can help with, is forming an opinion among real users that your profile is popular.

Organic traffic, on the contrary, has many advantages, because it not only increases the number of audience, but also increases the activity in your profile, and with its help you will get potential buyers of your goods and services. That’s why organic traffic is much more valuable than spoofed one.

Creating quality content

To create quality content, you need to work out the following:

Identify a niche

To start creating compelling and quality content, you need to define your niche. You need this to resonate your content with your target audience — this is a key aspect of a successful Instagram traffic acquisition strategy. You need to clearly define what makes your content unique and valuable to your audience. This will help you attract attention and get Instagram followers on your profile.

Quality posts

Nice photos and videos, as well as captions, are key to grabbing the attention of your audience. Use high-quality content that will stand out from the vast amount of similar posts in your subscribers’ feeds. This will help you become unique and get followers on the Instagram. You can create quality content in services like CapCut, which we wrote about in this article.


Proper storytelling is a powerful way to make an emotional connection with your audience.By telling stories beautifully, you can share your values, experiences and worries, which will help your subscribers understand you better and make your audience more engaged. Use a variety of content formats including text, images and videos in your posts. Use stories and reels a lot!

User generated content

Encouraging user-generated content is a great way to build a community around your brand and increase audience engagement. Encourage your subscribers to share their stories, photos, and videos related to your brand in comments. This will help you increase engagement with your audience and get followers on Instagram.

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Profile optimization

It’s important to pay attention oncreating an attractive Instagram profile. Here’s what you need to optimize your profile:

Optimizing your bio

Your bio on Instagram is your business card that tells who you are and what you do on your profile. So the bio should be eye-catching and provide information clearly. Here are some tips for quality bio:

  • Clarity: Your bio is limited to 150 characters, so make the most of it. Focus on what’s most important and avoid irrelevant information;
  • Describe your niche: Identify who you are and what you do. This can be your profession, hobby, your business area and the topic of your content;
  • Highlight uniqueness: Emphasize what sets you apart from other Instagram users. This could be your unique content feed, specialization or style;
  • Include a call to action: Call users to action, such as subscribing to your account, clicking a link, or using a specific hashtag;
  • Use emoji: Emoji can help you add emotional coloring and stand out from other bios. However, use them carefully and don’t overuse them or the bio.

Visually appealing feed

A cohesive and visually appealing feed of your page is very important in attracting and retaining subscribers to your profile. Here’s how to make your feed more attractive:

  • Develop a unique style that will be associated with your profile and feed. This could be a specific color palette, compositional techniques, or a common theme;
  • Publish only high-quality photos and videos to avoid alienating users;
  • Experiment with content: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content, bringing new ideas to life and making your content more diverse and interesting.

Strategic hashtags

Hashtags can be used very effectively to attract new audiences and increase the reach of your publications. Here’s how to use them correctly:

  • Conduct an analysis to find out which hashtags are the most popular in your niche. Then use them to get to the top of search and draw more attention to your content;
  • Include both broad and highly specialized hashtags to reach different segments of your target audience;
  • Develop your own unique hashtags related to your brand or content. This way you will build your community around your brand and incentivize users to interact with your content;
  • Monitor results: Track which hashtags are bringing you the most reach and engagement, and regularly update your hashtag strategy according to analytics results.

Engagement strategies

How to get more followers on Instagram by using engagement strategies?

how to increase instagram followers
Learn how to get more instagram followers. Image: lookstudio

Building a community

To successfully promote your Instagram, you need to create your own community that consists of your target audience. You can use these strategies to help you build a community and drive engagement among your instagram followers:

  • Respond to comments: Be active and try to respond to all the comments under your posts. This can build a closer relationship with your audience and show that you value their opinions;
  • Like and comment on subscribers’ posts: Show your subscribers that you are interested in their content by liking and commenting their posts. This will help you strengthen the relationship with your audience and encourage them to be active on your profile too;
  • Take polls and ask questions in stories: Use the poll feature and other interactive content to encourage activity and engage with your audience. Using this, you can learn more about the preferences and interests of your target audience and create more effective content;
  • Organize live events and webinars: Hosting live events and webinars will allow you to connect more directly with your audience and answer their questions in real time. It will also help you showcase your expertise in your chosen niche.

Organizing exciting contests and prize drawings

Contests and prize draws are a great way to attract new subscribers and increase engagement with your current audience. Here are some ideas for creating engaging contests:

  • Photo Contests: Ask subscribers to post photos related to your niche or brand and choose the best one. The winner can receive a prize from your brand;
  • Quizzes and Q&As: Organize quizzes or Q&As on topics related to your niche and offer subscribers a chance to win prizes for correct answers;
  • Reposts and friend tags: Ask subscribers to repost your post or tag friends in the comments to enter a prize draw. This free advertising will help spread your content and attract new audiences.

Collaborating with other accounts

Collaborating with other accounts is a great way to expand your audience and gain instagram followers. The easiest way to start collaborating with other users and brands is to advertise together. This way you can do mutual PR and attract new subscribers.

Holding joint giveaways and contests also works effectively, increasing not only the number of subscribers, but also increasing engagement. Guest posts are another good way to build effective collaboration.  Invite another account to publish a guest post on your profile or stories, and in return, offer them the opportunity to do the same on your account.

Leveraging the power of Instagram

If you often wonder «how to get more instagram followers», then consider these factors in your promotion strategy:

Instagram Stories

Use the Instagram Stories feature to create unique and engaging content that will keep your audience’s attention. In addition to regular posts, Stories allow you to share highlights from your daily life and interesting events. It’s also a great way to host Q&A sessions where your audience can interact with you directly by asking questions and getting instant answers.

Another undeniable benefit of Stories is that because of their short format, they greatly increase audience engagement by getting users to look at other content on your profile as well. Be creative and experiment with different features and effects to make your Stories unique and eye-catching.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels give you a platform to create short but engaging videos that can go viral and gain Instagram followers. You can use Reels for a variety of purposes, from tutorials and tips to entertaining content and showcasing your products. It’s also a great way to show your personality and unique style, which will help you stand out among many other content makers.

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Live Videos

Instagram Live gives you the opportunity to connect directly with your audience by hosting live broadcasts. You can use this format to host webinars, discuss current topics, connect with your audience, or simply share important information and news.

Live videos allow your subscribers to feel closer to you, see you in real time and interact with you directly through comments and questions. This is how you establish a closer relationship with your audience, get real instagram followers,  create a more loyal and active community.

Analytics and tracking

Analytics tools should also be utilized to effectively get instagram followers. Here’s how to use them:


Using Instagram Insights is an important part of a successful account strategy on this social network. This tool allows you to analyze various aspects of your profile activity, from the number of instagram followers to audience engagement and the effectiveness of the content you post.

The data provided by Instagram Insights is essential for identifying successful strategies and subsequently improving the effectiveness of your account promotion. For example, tracking the dynamics of subscriber growth helps to identify effective methods of attracting new audiences. Analyzing engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and saves helps you understand what content is most appealing to your audience.

Optimize your posting schedule

Publishing content at the optimal time plays an important role in maximizing its reach and audience engagement. Determining this timing is based on analyzing the demographics of your audience and their behavioral patterns on the net.

To determine the best time to post content, you should utilize Instagram analytics tools that provide information about your audience’s activity times. Taking into account geographic differences in audience activity is also important when determining the best time to publish. To find out the best time to publish content on instagram, we recommend you to read our article on this topic.

how to get more instagram followers
How to boost instagram followers by using analytics. Image: Freepik


As we found out, successfully running an Instagram account requires not only quality content and optimized strategies, but also patience and consistency. On Instagram, as with other social media platforms, results don’t come instantly, and growing a loyal audience takes a certain amount of time.

However, with the right approach and consistent effort, you can succeed and build a strong community around your profile and get more instagram followers to promote your brand and sell products effectively. We also recommend you to read our article on successfully using instagram ads to promote your business.

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