Rating of native ad networks

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Mondiad is an innovative, self-serve ad network serving top-performing ad formats and unique, lucrative perks. Providing traffic for all countries, devices, and verticals, Mondiad supports classic push, in-page push, native, and banner ads, via CPM, CPC, and TargetCPA(automated bidding) models.

With an impressive inventory of over 10 billion impressions and 40 million clicks daily, it accommodates every business, whether you’re an agency, advertiser, affiliate, or webmaster.

Starting with just a $50 minimum deposit, you have full complete control over your campaigns and access to a wide array of optimization tools to fine-tune your campaigns, including smart optimisation rules, Blacklist/Whitelist targeting, custom bidding (by soneID, subID, country), campaign audiences, a built-in event tracker, conversion goals, and many more to discover.

10/10 ⭐


Taboola is a native advertising platform specialising in audience engagement using content recommendations on premium sites. It helps to create unique advertising campaigns based on user behaviour data, allowing you to reach your target audience with maximum efficiency.

The platform uses machine learning algorithms, making content personalised to achieve maximum ad relevance for each user.

With Taboola, you can generate quality leads and incentivise user actions, receiving a large amount of targeted traffic. The platform provides access to a vast network of traffic sources, which significantly increases the reach of advertising campaigns.

9/10 ⭐


Outbrain is a native advertising network that uses artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of traffic inflow. The platform offers tools to optimize data analysis, ensuring the most relevant and effective ad campaigns are created.

Working with leading publishers, Outbrain guarantees high monetisation and deep audience engagement. The platform provides transparent statistics and adheres to all privacy regulations, ensuring a safe and secure experience.

Outbrain helps to achieve better results by offering personalised recommendations and innovative advertising solutions. This allows you to effectively engage your target audience and earn on traffic monetisation.

8/10 ⭐


MGID is an international native advertising platform offering solutions for content monetisation and promotion. Using advanced technologies and data analysis, MGID helps advertisers and publishers to reach targeted audiences and increase revenue from traffic monetisation. MGID also provides a variety of advertising formats and strategies for effective advertising campaigns.

By partnering with the world’s leading brands and publishers, MGID ensures high reach and high-quality, targeted traffic. The platform supports transparency and compliance with privacy regulations, offering reliable and secure advertising solutions.

MGID actively innovates and uses artificial intelligence to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and user experience, ensuring consistent results and revenue growth for all participants in the ecosystem.

8/10 ⭐


Plista is a native advertising platform serving publishers worldwide. It offers premium access to useful tools that help create effective adverts. Using advanced recommendation technologies, Plista helps publishers create personalised native ads that are compatible across multiple platforms and devices.

The platform improves user engagement with ads, which drives audience growth and monetisation revenue. With high-tech integration and support at every stage of an ad campaign, Plista helps advertisers engage their target audience.

The platform provides transparent statistics and respects privacy regulations, making it a trusted partner for publishers and advertisers.

7/10 ⭐


AdUp Technology is a native advertising platform for effective traffic monetisation. With the help of useful tools and machine learning technologies, AdUp optimises ad campaigns, ensuring high effectiveness and relevance of ads.

One of the key advantages of AdUp is the ability to deep geo-targeting, which allows you to target your ad campaigns only to the target audience. 

AdUp co-operates with major partners, providing access to the best traffic sources and ensuring consistently high results in traffic acquisition.

7/10 ⭐


Dianomi is a native advertising platform focused on business and financial services. It can be used to place adverts on premium websites, which increases audience engagement and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. 

The platform serves over 12.8 billion adverts per month. Dianomi is used by 515 million users worldwide every month. Dianomi helps publishers to increase revenues through direct advertising campaigns and advertisers to get targeted audiences through personalized recommendations. 

The Dianomi platform also actively uses machine learning technologies to optimize advertising campaigns and improve user experience.

6/10 ⭐