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Kadam is an ad network with a large number of available verticals and a lot of useful tools for webmasters. Kadam allows users to monetise traffic even on adult offers, which is a rarity for most ad networks.  

9/10 ⭐


Monetag is a platform for monetising web, mobile and in-app traffic through ad placement. The platform supports a variety of ad formats including popunders, push notifications, and video ads. Monetag uses AI to optimize ad campaigns and increase revenue by up to 53%.

8/10 ⭐


HilltopAds is an advertising network with a large number of formats, such as video ads, in-page push notifications, popunders, and so on. Among the main advantages of the platform is advanced targeting by GEO, devices, and browsers, which allows you to attract only high-quality, targeted traffic.

8/10 ⭐


Clickadu is an advertising network that provides multiple ad formats including banners, popunders, push notifications and videos. The platform offers a wide audience reach and high CPM, so advertisers and webmasters can maximise their revenue.

7/10 ⭐


Clickaine is a high-performance video advertising network that provides high CPM, loyal terms, and a wide range of useful tools. Clickaine provides transparent real-time statistics, fraud protection, and flexible campaign customisation options. 

7/10 ⭐


ClickAdilla is an advanced advertising platform that offers users a global reach, high ad visibility, and competitive rates for video ads. The platform provides advanced targeting tools, an anti-fraud system that protects against bot traffic, as well as campaign analytics and statistics tracking services.

7/10 ⭐