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OpenAff.com offers a range of special features to enhance the affiliate experience, including coverage in over 100 GEOs, a SmartLink for optimized traffic management, exclusive promotional products, and the potential for increased rates, reaching up to $1,100 for high-quality traffic. Trusted partners also benefit from access to current assets.

9/10 ⭐


EPC ERA is a multi-vertical affiliate network. It has profitable direct offers only from verified advertisers, its own custom tracker and flexible payment system. Also EPC ERA provides its partners with the best and high-quality professional support 24/7. The platform has its own referral programme, with the help of which you can earn money by bringing other webmasters to the platform.

9/10 ⭐


Uffiliates offers a wide range of high-converting products across various verticals. This diversity enables affiliates to tailor their campaigns to resonate with their audience, creating targeted and engaging promotions.

Uffiliates further distinguishes itself with special features, including direct advertiser offers, competitive payout rates, CPA and RevShare partnership strategies, weekly payments, and a variety of convenient payment methods. Additionally, the platform provides advance payouts, a Bookmakers’ reliability rating, and professional customer support.

8/10 ⭐


Operating within verticals such as finance, HR, training courses, insurance, and commodity (e-stores), Saleads.pro offers a unique set of special features. Affiliates benefit from free tools and services, including BotTelegram, BotLand, SmartLand, widgets, and others.

8/10 ⭐


With a focus on user experience, Rafinad.io provides special features such as a diverse offering of over 200 offers, insightful traffic statistics, and ready-made promotional materials. The platform maintains a user-friendly payout system, with a minimum payment threshold of 1,000 rubles and weekly payment cycles.

8/10 ⭐


LeadTrade’s special features include approximately 30 crypto-offers and the ability for affiliates to purchase domains directly within their CPA accounts. In terms of payouts, the platform offers daily payments on weekdays, with the option for individual advanced payments. The minimum payment amount is set at 2,000 rubles. This combination of innovation, diverse product offerings, and user-friendly features positions LeadTrade as a compelling choice for affiliates seeking success in the competitive affiliate marketing sphere.

7/10 ⭐


Plussy.io’s special features include its own publishers team, one of the largest in Ukraine, which drives traffic on affiliate offers, ensuring higher rates than direct advertisers. Affiliates working with Plussy.io benefit from the same favorable terms. Additionally, the platform provides free apps for top sources, including Binom, Keitaro, Indigo, and bank cards. Real conversion data is based on affiliate traffic rather than advertisers’ data, contributing to transparency and reliability. Plussy.io’s broad GEO coverage, rate flexibility, and motivation to help partners achieve their desired earnings further enhance its appeal.

7/10 ⭐


In addition to its commitment to innovation, MyLead.global offers a range of special features to enhance the affiliate experience. With over 3,000 offers available, affiliates gain access to a diverse array of opportunities. The platform provides 30 SmartLinks tailored to different verticals, offering a dynamic and flexible approach. The HideLink system further sets MyLead.global apart, displaying a white page to bots while redirecting real users to the intended offer. The inclusion of coupons and promotions adds an extra dimension to attract customers and boost engagement.

7/10 ⭐


Leadbit stands out for its extensive product offerings, spanning various verticals and presenting a diverse range of high-converting products. This breadth allows affiliates the flexibility to choose offers that align with their audience, facilitating the creation of targeted and impactful campaigns.

6/10 ⭐

Rating of Financial Networks of 2024

The finance vertical is probably one of the most lucrative verticals. But to make good money in this niche, it’s important to pick the best offers with the most favorable terms. To find the best offers in the finance affiliate marketing programs niche, check out our rating of the best finance affiliate programs. With them, you will be able to cooperate with well-known financial brands and receive large commission payments. 

Profitable affiliate relationships

On RatemeUp you will find a rating of the best finance affiliate programs, with the help of which you will multiply your earnings. These networks offer reliable financial services affiliate program offers that are popular with the audience and allow affiliates to earn good money.

Vertical Finance

Affiliate programs that you will find in one of the affiliate networks in our rating offer to promote various finance niche affiliate programs offers. From investment platforms to banking services, these offers cater to a variety of financial needs, allowing you to target niche-specific audiences and increase conversions.

New marketing opportunities

With the affiliate networks selected in our rating, you can empower your strategies by taking advantage of financial affiliate programs. 

Good income

With the affiliate program providers from our rating of the best affiliate networks, you will have access to the best financial affiliate programs known for their competitive commissions and reliability. With these finance niche affiliate programs offers, you will increase your marketing revenues significantly.

Grow with us

Take the opportunity to join our recommended affiliate networks in the financial services affiliate program industry and start your journey to financial success. Thanks to RatemeUp’s carefully compiled rating, you will be able to effectively promote finance niche affiliate programs offers, improving your skills and gaining valuable experience.


What are financial affiliate networks?

Financial services affiliate programs are platforms that facilitate partnerships between affiliates and financial brands.These finance niche affiliate programs offer a wide range of finance affiliate marketing programs offerings, allowing affiliates to promote various finance services and products in exchange for commissions.

What factors are considered when ranking financial affiliate networks?

When ranking best finance affiliate programs, RatemeUp evaluates several key factors: reliability and popularity of financial services affiliate program offers, competitiveness of commissions, audience and overall trustworthiness of the network.

What are the restrictions or requirements for participation in financial affiliate networks?

Participation requirements vary from network to network. Generally, finance affiliate marketing programs affiliates must meet certain standards such as adhering to marketing rules, demonstrating the ability to drive traffic or conversions, and sometimes having a relevant audience or traffic source. In some cases, affiliates are required to make an initial payment to join a finance affiliate marketing program.

How do I determine which financial affiliate network is best for my niche or target audience?

Our rating of the best finance affiliate programs helps affiliates identify networks that fulfill different needs of marketers. Pay attention to the variety of offerings in each network — whether it’s investment platforms, banking, or other financial niches. Choose a network that matches your niche audience to increase conversions.