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TerraLeads offers a myriad of advantages for affiliate marketers, distinguishing itself as a comprehensive platform that spans various verticals and provides an array of high-converting products. This diversity empowers affiliates to cherry-pick offers aligned with their audience’s interests, facilitating the creation of targeted and engaging campaigns for maximum impact.

8/10 ⭐


With a special focus on Europe, the Baltics, LatAm, Africa, Russia, and the CIS, ShakesPro stands out for its innovative approach, diverse product offerings, and lucrative commission structures. Affiliates benefit from a strategic platform that excels in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.

8/10 ⭐


The platform’s versatile product offerings across various verticals contribute significantly to its appeal. Covering a comprehensive range of high-converting products, this diversity enables affiliates to select offers aligned with their audience’s interests, facilitating the creation of targeted and engaging campaigns for maximum impact.

8/10 ⭐


Dr.Cash focuses specifically on the nutra vertical, offering Trial, SS, and COD products in 105 countries. The platform boasts more than 2,800 nutra offers with Trial, SS, and COD solutions, providing affiliates with a robust selection to cater to diverse audience preferences. Payouts are processed twice a day, adding a layer of convenience for affiliates engaged in the program.

7/10 ⭐


Lemonad operates in 25+ GEOs, offering a wide geographical reach for affiliates. The platform also provides a localization service, ensuring promotional materials resonate effectively with audiences in different regions. Additionally, Lemonad boasts an in-house call center, further supporting affiliates in their promotional endeavors.

7/10 ⭐


RocketProfit operates in GEOs such as Europe, LATAM, Asia, India, and Africa, accepting traffic from 25+ countries. The platform features exclusive global nutra and commodity offers, and it facilitates day-to-day payouts from one ruble upon request. RocketProfit supports various payment methods, including WebMoney, IE bank transfer, wire transfer, ZaleyCash, Capitalist, EntryProfit, and first-hand replenishment of ad cabinets with enticing bonuses.

7/10 ⭐


TrafficLight CPA operates in GEOs such as Russia, the CIS, and non-CIS markets. The platform boasts regular original offers, and for partners with stable volumes, there’s the possibility of launching individual offers tailored to the webmaster. Voice recordings by the call center are available upon request via customer support.

6/10 ⭐

M1 Shop

M1 Shop provides a rich knowledge base comprising articles, case studies, and video tips on traffic arbitrage and marketing. The platform operates in GEOs such as Russia, the CIS, and non-CIS markets, offering regular original offers. Additionally, M1 Shop boasts an in-house call center to further support affiliates. Various tools, including statistics, analytics, and a landing page downloader, are available to enhance the affiliate’s experience.

6/10 ⭐


In addition to its innovative and diverse features, Eliziym stands out with specific attributes. These include access to TikTok, BIGO Ads, Facebook, and Google agent cabinets upon request, in-house solutions for developing apps tailored to publishers with specific traffic volumes, and an in-house buying department working in tandem with the affiliate program. This ensures that affiliate managers are well-versed in relevant offers, assisting with ad campaigns and understanding webmasters’ needs.

6/10 ⭐


LeadReaktor stands out with special attributes. These include home products, native-speaking call center specialists from 30+ countries, high approval rates, competitive webmasters’ rates, daily payouts, clear and detailed traffic statistics, and round-the-clock customer support available seven days a week.

6/10 ⭐

Rating of nutra/commodity affiliate networks of 2024 year

The nutra vertical is actively growing, and with that comes more and more nutra affiliate networks. The RatemeUp blog gives you the opportunity to make sense of this abundance, simplifying the process of finding the perfect health supplement affiliate programs that will meet your requirements, limitations, desired earnings and target audience.

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The choices in affiliate marketing are vast, but with our ranking of affiliate nutra networks, you can navigate this promising field with ease and confidence. Whether you are an aspiring affiliate nutra or an experienced affiliate marketer looking for the most profitable and best nutra affiliate networks, our rankings will help everyone.

Only up-to-date information

Our best nutra affiliate networks ranking contains only relevant and useful information about affiliate networks. These nutra affiliate networks are thoroughly vetted to meet the ever-increasing demands of health and wellness direction partners. We tell you about how useful these or those networks are, what affiliates they offer, and describe the terms and conditions of these affiliates. 

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Finding the right affiliate nutra network is crucial for success in this vertical. Thanks to our detailed rankings, you will be aware of the best nutra affiliate networks. This useful knowledge will help to maximize finding the best nutra affiliate offers.

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At RatemeUp, you will discover a lot more about the field of nutra affiliate networks. Improve your skills and gain new knowledge about affiliate marketing to grow with this promising field. 


What are nutra and commodity affiliate networks?

Nutra affiliate networks are platforms that facilitate partnerships between marketers and companies offering nutra products. Affiliates will be able to find the nutra affiliate offers that are right for them.

How can I earn money with nutra and commodity affiliate networks?

You can earn money through health supplement affiliate programs by promoting products offered by companies in these networks. Marketers usually receive a commission for each sale or other targeted action of referred customers. 

What criteria are considered when rating nutra and commodity affiliate networks?

When ranking health supplement affiliate programs, criteria such as the relevance and usefulness of the information provided, the affiliate programs they offer, and their terms and conditions are considered. The health supplement affiliate programs are reviewed for affiliate eligibility and their overall usefulness is also taken into account.

How can I join a nutra or commodity affiliate network?

To join health supplement affiliate programs, you usually need to register on the network’s website. This process may involve providing contact information, agreeing to the network’s terms and conditions, and sometimes income verification.