Minimum payment50$
VerticalsNutra, Gambling, Betting

The platform’s versatile product offerings across various verticals contribute significantly to its appeal. Covering a comprehensive range of high-converting products, this diversity enables affiliates to select offers aligned with their audience’s interests, facilitating the creation of targeted and engaging campaigns for maximum impact.

With generous payouts and reliable payment terms, affiliates have the opportunity to earn substantial rewards, fostering a mutually beneficial and lucrative partnership with CPAGetti. In essence, CPAGetti goes beyond being a conventional affiliate marketing platform; it serves as a strategic ally for marketers seeking innovation, a diverse product portfolio, and competitive commissions.

CPAGetti’s unique features include a broad GEO coverage encompassing Russia, the CIS, the Baltics, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Additionally, the platform provides an extensive database of articles and cases, and upon request, can customize GEO, offers, and promotional materials. Affiliates can also benefit from bonuses and discounts from various affiliate services and tools providers.

Concerning payouts, affiliates can withdraw a minimum amount of $30, with automatic payments processed every Thursday for the previous week, covering the accounting period from Monday to Sunday.

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