Rating of popunder/clickunder ad networks

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PopCash is an intuitive ad network, dedicated exclusively to delivering popunder traffic via CPM bidding, on a global scale and for all verticals, both mainstream and adult, and devices.

With fast approvals, advanced targeting options, and first-class support, PopCash offers a user-friendly, intuitive platform for launching successful ad campaigns, in no time and starting with a minimum deposit as low as 5$.

With over 10 years of experience, PopCash brings expertise and reliability to the table, making it a trusted partner in the online advertising industry, offering tools and controls that are easy to understand and powerful at the same time.

9/10 ⭐


Popunder is an advertising network specialising in the popunder ad format. Popunder allows webmasters and advertisers to maximise traffic revenue and increase audience reach. Popunder also offers a wide range of additional ad formats, including banners and video ads, allowing you to create highly effective advertising campaigns.

The platform provides detailed analytics and deep targeting to attract high-quality, targeted traffic. Webmasters can count on a stable income due to the high price per thousand impressions and a variety of advertisers.

Popunder also guarantees fraud protection and privacy standards, making it a reliable partner for all users.

9/10 ⭐


PopAds is a popunder ad network offering advertisers and publishers high payouts and effective promotion of offers. The platform provides flexible pricing rates so that each user can choose the best rates for their advertising campaigns.

Daily processing of withdrawal requests and high level of security thanks to SSL technology make PopAds a reliable partner for traffic monetisation. PopAds provides quality traffic and a variety of ad formats, which helps to increase revenue and improve campaign efficiency. 

Customer support and an intuitive interface help users maximize their use of PopAds. Flexibility and reliability make the platform attractive to both large advertisers and webmasters looking to maximize their revenue.

8/10 ⭐


Traffox is a new generation advertising network that offers high payouts and a variety of ad formats, including push notifications, popunder and in-page push. The platform provides fast campaign setup and daily payouts, making it convenient for publishers and advertisers.

Traffox uses state-of-the-art anti-bot systems to prevent fodder and scrolling, ensuring quality traffic and high profits. The platform accepts any traffic with no limit on the number of visitors.

Intuitive interface and customer support make Traffox a reliable partner for webmasters, offering transparent and favourable terms of cooperation.

8/10 ⭐


TacoLoco is an advertising network offering a variety of ad formats including push notifications, in-page push, direct clicks and popunder. The platform delivers more than one billion impressions daily in over 180 countries, ensuring high conversion rates and revenue from traffic monetisation.

TacoLoco uses state-of-the-art anti-fraud technologies and offers advanced targeting options by GEO, device and operating system. This allows you to get quality, targeted traffic and increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

With TacoLoco, it’s easy to launch an ad campaign thanks to fast moderation and 24/7 customer support. The platform provides instant payouts and minimum pay-per-click rates.

7/10 ⭐


ExoClick is an advanced advertising platform with a variety of ad formats including native, video ads, banners and popunders. It allows for effective monetisation thanks to useful analytics tools, optimised bids and deep targeting. ExoClick serves both advertisers and publishers.

The platform supports high performance and scalability, delivering over 12 billion ad impressions per day. This makes ExoClick one of the leading players in the popunder advertising market.

ExoClick focuses on security and transparency, utilising advanced technology to prevent fraud and ensure data privacy. The platform offers 24/7 customer support and many useful resources for learning and optimising ad campaigns.

6/10 ⭐